Saturday, February 06, 2010

Reusing Calendars

How many of you like spending 12 to 14 dollars a year on a new calendar? I sure don't, especially as prices increase everywhere. Knowing how expensive new calendars are I was thinking of ways to get new calendars without the expense. First I thought of making some using nifty programs such as Print Master or Print Shop and in fact I did, but then I thought of all my old beautiful expensive calendars that I have from years gone by. There's the one from the Islands, South Carolina, Porches, Canada, Monet, and Among Friends. Full of beautiful photos and paintings, that were a treasure in and of themselves. There they were lying in waste. Too lovely to throw away and absolutely obsolete to use. Well I found a solution.

Recycle, reuse, and update. I am using my scrapbooking skills to update my calendars. I am taking the dust off of them and pasting a colorful background where the old numbering was at, and place a current month on it. I am going to perfect the method so I can continue to use them for several years.

There are several benefits to reusing calendars. I will not be using my hard earned money on something expensive and recurring. I still get to keep these beautiful calendars which I love and keep them up to date. It makes for fun project that saves trees. And I don't feel wasteful or decadent. In fact, I will buy a new calendar a year, just so that I can keep my collection fresh, but I will not be sighing over something I can't have.

I'll take some pictures so you can see how I did it.

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