Saturday, May 09, 2009

Melvin's Bar B Que


The only barbeque places and sauces that I knew were the ones that focused on hot rather than on flavor. So with trepidation, I stepped into Melvin's. I had heard such positive reviews from my kids when I went to Charleston for Juan's graduation, but had not been able to go because my hosts were always feeding me great food at their homes. I have such wonderful friends in Charleston! But any way, on this last trip, just before venturing to the Battery, I stopped to join Colleen and Judy, at Melvin's. It's different. I expected a restaurant like Sonny's but it was a mix. More like a classy fast food. You can see the pictures. The wood is painted with shiny shellac, with neon signs, and curious little piglets on their hind feet standing up. It makes me laugh already, but the real treat was the food, of course.

The food of course being the most important. The sauces they use are not overbearing and the service very kind. I asked to taste the sauce first to be sure I even wanted any and the young lady gave me a free sample. It was wonderful. It was so good I bought a jar of Melvin's Golden Secret Recipe, to take home with me. It's more like liquid gold.

Thinking one jar would be enough till my next trip to Charleston, I only bought one, but now I'm not sure that is enough. I made some vegetables with chopped chicken; I added Melvin's sauce. I made some steak, I added Melvin's. I 'm having grits this morning, I plan to add Melvin's. Not! LOL, but I guess, it won't last me till my next trip up to Charleston, but I am going to Camden, SC in two weeks. I heard they have the sauce in Winn Dixie; I have to check that out. I also checked and they have it online at Melvin's

So Melvin: Thank you for the best barbeque sauce. I love it!
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Friday, May 08, 2009

Still Painting!


This is what I did last night. I loved it. I'm not trying to praise myself. I just like it alot. Maybe its the colors or the way the paint took to the paper. Watercolor is a lot like this. It has its own energy and movement so it is always somewhat of a surprise what you get. I've always loved surprises. Have a great day!
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Would you like to save money?

How mundane. How unlike me, but I found a neat website called Cha Ching Austin. It is like a Clearing house for savings. I just missed today's give away for educators at Chick-Fil-A s though, but there will be other days. I did get a coupon for Kentucky Fried Chicken being given away by Oprah. How about that? I don't mind saving one bit!

The Battery Part 2

Here are more pictures of the Battery, with a street that could have been transported directly from England, it is so British. Then I can not convey to you what is not evident in the pictures and can not be captured with a camera. The fragrances! Sweet jasmine intertwined with freshly bloomed roses caressing you with a light breeze. You have to be there to appreciate, I think. Then a further walk north you arrive at the park with The Fort Sumter House bordering it on the south on Kings Street. Then majestic long branched oak trees, restored black cannons with harmless cannon balls carefully stacked nearby right next to comfortable benches. Across the bay you can see Ft. Sumter where the first shot of the American Civil War was fired, incidentally, by a Citadel cadet! It is worth the visit.
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Enjoying the Battery Part 1


Having only about an hour to do some sightseeing between Claire and Brandon's early afternoon wedding and their later reception in downtown, I went to the Battery. What a relaxing time I had especially watching the seagulls doing their maneuvers! I started clicking away and several other picture aficionados came and took pictures, too. Later I managed to see some of the exquisite ironwork reminisce of England and Colonial times while admiring the charming manicured gardens and freshly painted houses. I noticed a stately dog watching over a manor on the Battery and immediately thought of my kids. They will understand. Just always thinking about you all and even while I am doing my Southern romps. Now wouldn't that be a perfect porch to have a chat drinking some fresh ice tea or lemonade?

Later on I went further up the Battery to the park and took some pictures which are next.
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Monday, May 04, 2009

A Snapshot of Charleston


These pictures show you just a tad of the lovely weekend I spent in Charleston. Later today after work I will post a little more. I am so glad I didn't let that ol' swine flu keep me from living!
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