Friday, September 18, 2009

A Roller Coaster

One of my best friends, A.R., was told she was going to be transferred. It seemed so unfair, but how can anybody's being let go ever seem fair? It is an emotional roller coaster. You wonder where will I be going? Who will I be working with? How far away will it be? Finally will I be out of field? Those are some of the questions of those who have to go. Those who are left behind are asking am I going to be next?

Back to my friend, A.R. Yesterday, she came to talk to me about her situation, and we talked and basically claimed God's faithfulness. I just knew that whatever happened she had the faith to handle the changes. She is a woman of faith and also has the backing of her family. If someone could handle this,it was her. And she was taking it with maturity and grace. Though there were questions and more questions, God was assuring her. But saying goodbye was something else. It would be a long week saying goodbye and packing. I was still in disbelief, that this was really happening in the second month of school, but it was.

Then today, A. R. called me to say, that something incredible had happened. She was being reinstated. Her teaching position was going to be changed and she was not being transferred! We were laughing again. But the joy doesn't end there. Since last year she had wanted to change Departments in school and guess what, they are changing her within the school to exactly what she had asked for since last year. Isn't God amazing? We are still chuckling over God's goodness!

We are also sending out blessings to Ms. S, our principal. She has gone through so much this week. We also are thinking about the other teachers that will have to move on to other schools. We ask God to give them grace and favor as they trust Him.

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wow...Dios es BUENO!