Thursday, July 23, 2009

Making Hummus

I love Hummus with chips, because it is a low calorie, high fiber snack but with the price of everything these days, this is one thing I had heard I could make at home. You know what? It's true! You don't have to be a rocket scientist or a chef to do it, and it's comparatively easy and considerably cheaper. All you need is a 15. 5 can of garbanzos or chick peas (same thing), a 1/4 cup of olive oil, squeeze some lemon, and something called Tahini (which I didn't have),and add salt, pepper, and herbs to taste. In my case I didn't have Tahini so instead I used red peppers which add a certain something, actually a great taste. The website below has recipes with or without tahini, so it is alright not to use it. Take all these ingredients and put them in a blender and mix until smooth. I am still working on perhaps adding a bit more oil (I actually increased the liquid that comes with the garbanzos, instead of draining them completely, I added 1/3 of the liquid in the can) and blending half of the garbanzos at a time, but I have to say the result was delicious. You can get the recipe and additional information at Hummus recipe I noticed they had all sorts of recipes including Spinach and Feta, Kalamata Olive, Cilantro and Lemon, and Roasted Garlic (don't talk to me that day or join me and we can cancel each other out together that day!) among others. If you have a Hummus recipe to share, please do. Happy Hummus to you!


Ana said...

I do this all the time! Tahini is sesame puree. You can find it most the ethnic food aisles. It keeps well in the fridge. I also find that I don't need to add a ton of olive oil if have plenty of lemon juice.

Elba said...

Thank you for reminding me of the lemon juice. I think I will keep the Olive Oil since it is so good for us. Hey, do you have some good things to add to the recipe? Thank you honey for the information about tahini. I didn't know. =)

Rosangela Canino-Koning said...

I bought some canned garbazo beans last week for this, but they didn't have any tahini. I'll have to try the red pepper variation.