Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Unwelcome Attention

I am so proud of the school where I work. The academic environment is challenging and proactive. Today we had the neatest activity where students and teachers who had read many young adult novels gathered to basically hold literature circles to discuss them. It was so exciting to see so many students and teachers talking about relevant Young Adult novels. My table was on A Long Way Gone, a novel about a young man's struggle to survive in the face of unspeakable war horrors and depravity. It is a story about the triumph of tenacity over incredible odds. It also portrays the anguish of a country, Sierra Leone, involved in a bloody civil war.

So this morning it was surprising and jarring to find that some seniors (we think it was seniors) decided to rock our boat, so to say with a Senior Prank. One of my best friends at school had her classroom furniture rearranged. She was not alone. In fact about 10 portables (after I viewed the video) had their classrooms opened. As I drove into school there was a chopper situated directly above our campus filming the incident. It was unwelcome attention, where so many other good things are ignored. But it is what it is. Find the news at the link

In spite of all the attention, one really good thing came out of the prank. Many able body school personnel, including administrators, teachers, and support staff got on the task of getting the desks down and in their correct place inside the classrooms and ready for school without incident. Our relieved principal praised their efforts just in time for school to start.


Rosangela Canino-Koning said...

Heheheh. That's creative.

Lil said...

ohhhhh -- saw this on the TV news last night... at the time did not realize this was your school. It was an unusual (creative) prank, tho glad things turned out OK and no one hurt.

Elba said...

Well, it was creative, and really if they had not broken into the portable, not vandalized, etc. ... As they say in Columbia, if my uncle had been a woman he would be my aunt, meaning well that ... hold it, I'm laughing, not about the situation but about the phrase, but anyway, it wasn't amusing to our administration that had to jump into action and fortunately none of them got hurt putting those desks back in place and ready for school. They were heroes really. But the prank will cost these kids something. Our principal, Ms. Storch, God bless her, was not amused and it really added a lot of stress to her day and week, but she definitely handled it like a pro. Kudos to her!