Saturday, April 25, 2009

Suicide is never a solution

Recently at my school we had a video for our students to address the topic of suicide and how it is never a solution. It is a permanent answer to a temporary situation. Unfortunately, this topic hits close to home, since we lost someone we loved to suicide. When it happened it nearly killed me emotionally, not to mention other members of my family.

Since I don't know who will someday read this, I want to stop here and say emphatically, God loves you. Many people love you and you are not insignificant. You may be hurting, but there is healing for your pain, and there are many many people who need you and the world will never be the same without you.

The video that we saw portrayed two young people going through really significant trials at home. One was very despondent and hopeless, the other was angry. In both cases they had alerted others to their problems, and had mentioned suicide as a solution. One even made a friend promise not to tell anyone. This is the kind of promise you should never keep. Fortunately, in the video one alert kind teacher was able to reach out to the student and help him, but the other was not as fortunate. Sadly she left a huge void in the lives of all who loved her.

Some signs of someone suicidal:
They are depressed continually.
The person has big problems with no easy solutions.
They seem hopeless.
They may change from participating in their normal activities, and become careless with what is important to them, and become isolated.
They may share their plans.
They may begin to give away their most valued possessions.

Don't take any of these changes or behaviors for granted. Follow your gut feelings. If you suspect someone is suicidal realize this is a problem too large for only one person to handle. Get others involved. Below you will find some telephone numbers where you can find some help. My students put them in their cell phones and were going to go home and share with their parents. I hope these numbers will become a lifeline for many.

Boys Town National Hotline


Community Assistance Resource Line


Speak Out Hotline


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