Monday, March 30, 2009

Emotional Rollercoaster

I could use a graphic organizer just about now. Perhaps a Venn Diagram, a T-chart or perhaps a Double Bubble thinking map. Something to get my ideas organized. A little sleep deprived, a little emotionally spent but not banckrupt, and just plain tired. Thank goodness for a borrowed internet connection, cell phones, sisters, cousins who came to visit and mom waking up and being grouchy. Grouchy being better than non responsive and unwakeable. Well just plain sleeping, bordering on coma, at least that is what we thought yesterday, but no. She woke up. Her small black eyes peeping out from behind her lazy eyelids and hearing her ask for water. Then saying she wanted that face mask off her face. Then complaining about her stomach and that an aspirin could fix it. To get her an aspirin. It's good to have her back for a while. We are all here for just a while. I am selfish. I want some more "Dios te bendiga" and "Te quiero mucho" but for now I will just have to get by with "tengo sed" y "me duele el estomago" (la pobre)and hope she will get better soon.

Did I tell you I am in Puerto Rico taking care of my mom who is in the hospital?

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