Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tacos and Tostones

On Friday, I am, Lord willing heading up to one of my favorite places in the world. It's the land of marshes, plantations, widow's walks, iron gated gardens, azaleas and myrtles, the Battery, the Citadel, Folly Beach, Kiawah, Ashepoo, the long lonely route 17 with out much of a cellular tower or signal, with its old Texaco Gas Station of decades before still standing near Jacksonboro (I think), that particular bend in the road there with the railroad tracks below calling you to follow it, and the beautiful pine trees swaying in the wind: it's the lowcountry in South Carolina. Frankly, after thirty five or more years going to Charleston, I don't get tired going there. Driving well that is a different thing, but going there, never!

Even driving has it's pleasures. On my way up, I stop at all the familiar places. St. Augustine, to stretch my legs and always lamenting I am not going into the old town, but instead stopping at the outlets. Nice to stop and dash. Then I love to take long hard glances as I drive through Jacksonville and spy their dashing bridges near the river walk, all lit up in lavender. Very classy city that you can drive 70 miles an hour in, but you have to be careful over those rivers. Then into Ga. Peach country, but really I am in such a hurry to get into South Carolina, but there is a Cracker Barrel I like stopping at in Brunswick because it is home cooking, almost. Then passing Savanaaaaaaaah on the right, longing for their roundabouts and gentry, but on to South Carolina with its decorated grand entrance as if you were entering the Grand Plantation of South Carolina, and not a state. It's like you are coming to visit family. Well in my case it is. Do you know I personally have two dear families I visit there? The Glover-Hammes' of Charleston and the Serralta-Ives-McElveen of Camden. Life has a way of leading you in certain directions doesn't it?

But anyway, why tostones and tacos? My James Island family loves the way I make tacos and tostones, so by popular demand, they will be on the menu, and it will be my pleasure to make it for them. Especially when you consider I will be celebrating Lydia and Lynda's birthday with some of the dearest people of my acquaintance (sounds like Jane Austen) on Folly Beach. It's a toss up between the sunsets and the seagulls. I'll send some postcards or take some pictures. Watch for them!


Ana said...

I hope you have a great trip!

Elba said...

I had a great trip but it wasn't Folly Beach this time but Ranne's Wappoo Hall address near the Wappoo River. A party, dancing, kareoke, cooking those tacos, and just plain fun. Then on to Camden to visit Rosa's family. Just too much of wonderful!