Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Viaje a Naranjito

My sisters, my mom, and I took time for a trip to Naranjito, the country town, my mom was born in. Naranjito holds so many memories for me. We stopped on the road to Toa Alta, and bought some fresh vegetables on this road side vegetable stand. Notice all the beautiful colors and ample selection of pina, guineos which are yellow and brown spotted bananas of all types, green limes, limones, calabaza, a type of squash, aguacate (avocados), and purple eggplants. What a feast for the eyes!
Here's mom, I have to take pictures of everything so she will know that we did what we said we did, since her memory is so poor.
Here's the Catarata in Naranjito.
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Rosangela Canino-Koning said...

Love those photos. So green and colorful. Mouth watering for the pina.

Ana said...

Mami, you are looking really good. I glad you all a had a good time together.

Elba said...

Gracias amores, mis nenas (de carino nada mas, pues se que son todas una mujeres ya) se levantaron temprano para saludarme! Gracias por los comentarios y elogios!