Monday, May 21, 2007

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Isn't this an amazing place to visit? Did you see that rock with what looks like gold trickling out of it? The only thing we had to watch out for were scorpions and rattlesnakes, which little Miss A was pointing out. I don't think she really enjoyed putting her little finger there, even if it was only a picture. Other than that it is a great place to visit.

Actually we saw neither snakes nor scorpions. In fact, the only bugs and critters we saw were either extinct or splattered on the windshield and perhaps a solitary bee that tried to get into the car but we closed the window real fast.

Everything else was breathtaking. We did see some cute little birds and the new museum adequately prepares you to identify the fauna, flora, and geography of the park. I think the neatest thing about this place is you can let your imagination run, not only with the odd shaped hoodoos, but also with the creamy gray clay that becomes brittle when dry, and with the idea that dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes roamed these curious nooks and crannies. Click on the collage and you can get a close up.

In addition, I don't know how the cows got in the collage but they have a way of sneaking in and stealing the show in these badlands. Couldn't help but take the picture of the sign pointing out a Texas Gate in Alberta and oh the flowers! Isn't God awesome, creating these sturdy little flowers in the midst of this dry and so called barren land?
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