Thursday, October 27, 2005

Learning to Read bills and other Blessings

Today has been a terrific day! Complicated but blessed. There are some power struggles going on at work and God is fighting my battles. Things are looking up. Anyway, I got a real pleasant surprise today. I do not know if I told you but I was in the hospital a time back and when I got out of the hospital I almost got a heart attack when I saw the bill for $3,106.80. I said, " Oh my God, how am I going to pay for this?" I will have to go deeper in debt. I was commenting to a friend about it today, but was saying I really needed that hospital stay for many reasons, not the least of which was to get my blood pressure under control and the other to gain a better perspective about what is important in life. Whoooaaa deep. Well, not so deep, but just a little glimpse of what is important. I am laughing as I write this because I am not deep, okay! I know that, and you know that but.... family, friends, eternity, laughter, love, joy, and peace with God and others. Chill a little, laugh more, enjoy my granddaughters and the thrill of getting to hear and converse with my precious children, and talk to my momma. And hand over my cares to God. Not let the cares of this world make me unfruitful. We all have to live on this earth and walk a fine line. We were never told we wouldn't have problems but putting them where they belong and responding to people in the right way can make a big difference.

So about my debt... I was worried about it and I prayed about it. God said, I got it. I am your provider. Yahweh Jirah, my provider. So I worried about it anyway, me of little faith, and I started to get calls from the hospital the day before yesterday, yesterday, and today when I came home I had two more calls. So I mustered all my courage and called the hospital to inquire about the calls and the bill. Turns out the calls had nothing to do withThe Bill. They were to preregister me for some tests that are coming up...relief, whewf... then I called back to inquire about The Huge Bill. Well guess what? The insurance covered almost everything except for $270.21. Less than one tenth of the original bill. I almost started crying jumping and praising God all at the same time. Of course I paid the bill with joy right on the spot (by phone). The guy must have thought I was a little crazy.

Grateful is what it was. Grateful. Thank you Lord.

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