Saturday, May 23, 2015

Planting Orchids on Trees

Planting orchids might not be that difficult after all.  What you need is air, a tree or a dried up coconut or sphagnum moss.  Then tie down your plants to the tree using a strip of old hosiery or panty hose making for a tight airy fit.  Rainwater can sift through yet it holds the plant in place.  You can add a tad of dirt and sphagnum moss to the pocket surrounding the plant.  You can also use a flexible plastic matting as well.  Once the plant has attached its roots the matting and/or hosiery can also be removed. 

Beautiful Mystery Tree

Does anyone know the name of this tree? That is what I wrote originally because I did not know the name of this tree, but I dug deep and consulted my handy guidebook Tropical Trees and Blossoms, and though it didn't have the best picture, it gave me a lead.  Then I googled Bead tree and was able to contrast my tree with images and it turned out to be the one and the same.

 The mystery tree is called a Bead tree in many parts of the Caribbean.  It is also known as Jumbie-Bead, Sandle Bead, Red Sandalwood, and Circassian.  What I found astonishing is that it is original to China!  That is right.  It is also found around the world in the tropics.  They even have them in Australia, tropical South America, Central America, southern United States and in a host of other countries.  The things you learn trying to identify a tree.  You can find out more information at: 

Cruz de Malta

Cruz de Malta, Maltese, or Jerusalem Cross are some of the ways this plant is known.   I always wondered why it was called Jerusalem Cross.  Where was the cross?   Well you have to look deeply and intently to find it but there it is in the center of the flower: a very thin tiny cross...

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Found a home

The little nest found a home. It doesn't look out of place, does it?  Did you notice everything  used to make this nest?  It's fascinating!

The View from Fogo de Chao

The other day I had the opportunity to go to El Fogo de Chao in San Juan which is right next to the Carbe Hilton Hotel.  Just as the food is delicious and they offer a very gourmet Salad Bar, it also has a spectacular view just outside its windows.  Look at the pictures--they speak for themselves.

Early Morning Walk 2

So nice to see raindrops on the plants.  There was a mishap though because of the stormy wet weather--a bird's nest lay on the sidewalk.  I asked the custodian a few minutes later if they would put it back up on the tree and he laughed which definetly was a no. His no was a yes to me.  The little nest, that grand construction of twigs and twine, will now find a little nook in my porch garden.  Perhaps another little bird will occupy it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just a Puddle

This morning I headed for Pueblo suprmarket
and it had rained.  It was overcast and with a hint of approaching showers and so it was.  Later in the day we had stronger showers and even a thunderstorm.  In fact, it rained so hard that a local San Juan medical clinic had to be closed for the afternoon because of flooding in the area of Martin Peña.  It is almost midnight and I can hear the pitter patter of raindrops falling softly against my window and on  the terracotta tiles below.   What a beautiful sound it is when this island has been in a drought.  I know many many people have been praying. Thank you, Lord for the rain.  Gracias, Señor por la lluvia!!'