Saturday, October 04, 2014

Hazy Day in Puerto Rico

The Sahara Desert dust is at it again.  Look how dusty the mountains look in the background. It is not just the dust, the dust causing respiratory problems, and it increases the heat since these microscopic pieces of sand reflect the sun's heat and increases our temperatures.  I can't wait for a good rain to clean off the atmosphere.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Making Boiled Peanuts

Secure some green peanuts. You can come by them in almost any supermarket down South.  I got them at the IGA supermarket in Camden.  I frozen them and packed them in my suitcase.  They travelled well and now days later, I removed them from the freezer.  

Next you rinse and place them in either a big pot with water or into a slow cooker because they have to boil for at least four hours.  I am choosing to do the latter since I will not have to watch the pot while they are boiling.  I am now an experienced lady since I did my first batch of peanuts in Camden!  Please laugh.  Doing them one time hardly makes me experienced but it does give me some confidence.  I love that they tasted a little salty but that I controlled to a certain extent how much salt they contained.  The other neat thing is that I also know how fresh these peanuts are.  Am I excited that I am going to have some boiled peanuts here in Puerto Rico?  You betcha!  

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

South Carolina

Some of my favorite things these past two weeks. The poem is a little disjointed and skips around among the places I visited. I still enjoyed writing it.

Favorite South Carolina things:

Long hilly rollercoaster two lane highway
bridging Orangeburg to Lugoff
Shrimp boats
paths to the beach
dotted with flowers and
beach oats.
Friends that are faithful
Home cooked meals that taste
like something
Boiled peanuts, regular or Cajun
Wappoo river
West Ashley
muddy banks during low tide
gleaming in the sun,
She crab soup,
antique stores,
and galleries
long extended conversations
Gullah songs
and spirituals
oak trees that look like they have been
there for centuries
big, fat, and round
dressed in Spanish moss
Southern Drawl and
courteous gentlemen
The Citadel

Horse races
Trophy Cups
and hardworking people
that work till it hurts
to put a smile on your face.
Some people just don't know and
they wouldn't have it any other way.

This poem is dedicated to Mrs. Mary Elliot who passed away this week after living a life of service to her family, friends, and community.  God bless her soul.