Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Temblor! 5.8 Earthquake in PR

We had an earthquake her today around 5:15.  It registered 5.8.  Whenever I check the US Geological Survey (USGS) website I see 5.4 and I usually say, ha.  Like okay, that is not that terrible.  I have been through earthquakes of 5.4.  It shook my chair with a strong hand but this one today was a 5.4.  In fact before learning the official reading I had a pretty good idea that it was probably a strong 4 or a  5. something.  A minute later, I knew the intensity.  I was right.  In fact, at first they said a five point 3.  That was officially raised to a five point eight.  That is serious business folks.

We weren't even close to the epicenter and as I sat on an ottoman, I felt it shake underneath me.  At first, it took me a at least five which felt like ten seconds to realize it was an earthquake and it was still shaking when I was cognizant of what was going on.  I was on a ninth floor with a view to the ocean visiting with some friends at her house.  I can assure you it was not a fun situation.  It was quite alarming but I kept my cool.  I am so glad I was with friends.  One of my friends felt some of the aftershocks.  I was not certain if I was feeling aftershocks because I was so jumpy it felt like ever thing was shaking.  Fortunately, we listened to the news and learned the facts which were a bit reassuring  Particularly that we were not in the epicenter.

Now alls well that ends well.  Dios nos proteja!

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