Friday, June 28, 2013

Early Morning Stroll around Penfield

This morning, Ann, my daughter's mother in law,  and I decided to venture on a walk around my daughter's subdivision here in Penfield. The yards are spacious and the gardens are especially nice and many homes these days before the 4th of July are handsomely decorated with our nation's flag and festive banners.  Full grown trees complement each garden with many of these being firs, though I did see a red Elm, blossoming dogwood as well as a red Maple.  All of them were a delight to the sight and I had to share.  If only also pick up the delicate fragrance, then my writing would be complete.

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Removing Linoleum Tiles Part 2

 One of the best things I discovered when I was removing tiles was an alternative to the toxic glue removers currently on the market with the exception of Goo Gone.   Baby oil and baking soda turned out to be the solution.  I sprinkled the baking soda on the tiles, then squirted the baby oil on the tiles back and forth until they were saturated and then waited for the oil to do its work at least for 20 minutes.  Then I taped a metal spatula to a broom handle sans the broom and with that I meticulously scrapped each tile and if you look below you can see the results.  I still have a couple more to go but the kitchen and dining rooms are  done!  Thank goodness.
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bauman's Pick Them Yourself Strawberries

Today we had the best weather for strawberry picking since it was overcast and we got there before nine.  We also bathed in bug spray and some of us wore tennis shoes since it was a little muddy, but nothing to complain about.  Being that this was my first time strawberry picking, it turned out to be educational and fun.  I learned about the different types of strawberries and that they grow very close to the ground. I had no idea.  We ended with a huge box of over eight quarts for only seventeen fify.  The best part is that each strawberry is perfect in someone's opinion.  When you go to the store you always get a mixture.  Not here.  Each strawberry was carefully picked. Even the tart small Jewel's were cute as a button and provided an unforgettable taste. I had never had these before so we decided to taste one before we committed to picking more.  They were a winner.  Hope you enjoy the different perspectives.

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Daisies in the Strawberry Field

 Part of what I liked the most about strawberry picking was the daisies planted within the strawberry field.  They were just as healthy and delightful to see as the juicy strawberries.

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What do these signs have in common?

 Yes, they are all different types of strawberries found on the Bauman's Farm Market field where we went strawberry picking this morning.  Oh and this is not in Florida but in upstate New York, just outside of Rochester in a small town called Webster.  I had never gone strawberry picking that I could remember so it was all new to me. 

To learn more about Bauman's Farm Market go here.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Photography Mistake?

 This morning I was taking early morning dew pictures and perhaps I touched the wrong light balance and my pictures came out swimmingly.  I loved the effect so I had to share.

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