Saturday, March 30, 2013

Protected Turtle Eggs

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On Terracotta Sand

Terracotta sand with
Crabs nervously skirting towards the sea
Silvery water illumined by
An early morning sun
Driftwood settled on the shore
And here am I sitting 
on a gray pecked driftwood log as
I stop to enjoy the
Crashing waves and
Glance over as a pair of Pelicans sway as they
Glide like silent sentinels watching
That no one disturbs
The fragile nest of turtle eggs encased
In yellow tape that says,
“Stay away!
Let me live another day so
I may softly skim across this sand
To reach the ocean,
My home.
Be my friend.”

by E. G. Vazquez

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday at the Beach

 It was the perfect place for devotions this morning to remember the kindest, most righteous person in the world who took the stripes for me and my place.  Words can never be enough to thank the Lord Jesus, Yeshua for what he did for me and for you!

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El Caminito a la Playa Punta Tuna

 My cell phone is not taking the best pictures in the world lately, but it is what it is.  This is the pathway between the field and the beach.  Apparently a bulldozer went through it.

The result?
A clearer, wider path but not everyone is happy about how it was handled.  They also built a shelter with some benches which I think is nice.  You take a look and be the judge.

That little dog came to greet me! He was so sweet, so he upstaged everything and got his picture taken, too!

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Maunabo, Country or Beach?

 Here I am on my way to la playa Punta Tuna...but there are so many distractions. Of course the narrow tree lined road, so full of memories including my friends from SC, laughing and enjoying everything that I love. Then there are the mountains ascending into Yabucoa, and next the brush and trees that look like they were transplanted from the African savannah.  Everything shouting, "Look at me, look at me!" Everything was beautiful this morning and here we go on our way to the beach. I better watch my step.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lamento Borincano- Puerto Rican Lament

 This song was written in the nineteen thirties when the Great Depression was at its peak and money was scarce every where.  The common laborer was a rural "jibaro" or criollo who worked his fields and probably someone else's.  Once in a while he had a  small harvest that he would take to town to sell. This song tells of his thoughts and dreams full of happiness and of selling his wares and hoping to buy his wife a gift.  The jibaro's joy turns to sadness when no one wants to buy his goods and he returns home without any money to help his family.

That is why it is called El Lamento Borincano.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

While Waiting for the Gate to Open i.e. Learning Patience

    I was staying in a gated community and had to park my car outside.  Since I didn't have a beeper, I had to wait for someone to come in or out.  While waiting,  I decided to make good use of my time.  What better way to wait than by doing what I enjoy most. Take pictures!  The first good shot I found was a stately Royal Palm, humbly surrounded by coconut palms.  Then I spotted this wonderful coconut palm and decided to count how many fronds it had.  To my surprise, I counted up to 30 fronds.  I had no idea it would have so many.  Then I sat next to that dwarf Palmetto and was sheltered by the shade of its fan like fronds. I am sure it made for a funny sight.  Then in front of me was this fushia Bougainvillea(Trinitaria)! Before I knew it a car drove up and my camera shots time had expired and I was on my way.

What a great way to kill time!

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