Saturday, October 06, 2012

New at Palmas de Maunabo

 Putting up a Painting from a visit to Maunabo.  I love looking at the palm trees there so that is why it is titled, Palmas de Maunabo.   It is a rather small painting measuring 7 1/2 by 11 inches.  It may remind you of your visit.
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Friday, October 05, 2012

Gas Cap

A gas cap?  What is so important about a gas cap?  Well believe or not, I was losing money because of a gas cap. My car has nearly 115, 000 miles on the odometer and I am hoping it will reach 200, 000 and still be in good shape.  I always tell people that the prettiest car is the car that is paid off.

Yet I wasn't feeling so happy about my car recently.  It was using too much gas and with these gas prices that is a big deal.  So I decided I needed to purchase a new gas cap, but with a lock this time since the price of gas has skyrocketed.  Frankly, I wanted to feel safe about parking my car in any public place.  I had a surprise in store.  No one was stealing my gas.  It was the old gas cap that no longer shut tightly.  Now my gas is lasting a longer time.  I was filling up my car once a week and this week I have used a little over than half a tankful.

So why don't you give it try? You might save some money and that is a good thing!

Bible Gate Way

How would like to have access to over 24 English versions of the Bible as well as the Bible in 25 different languages? I am being conservative because it would take me a while to count how many different languages are available.  What am I talking about?  It is a website called Bible Gateway, specifically

What I like the most about this website is that they not only have so many versions of the Bible, but when I am a bit tired or just want to read the Bible, I can type in the passage and also listen to the passages as well since they have at least two audio versions read by professional readers.  It is wonderful.  Last night I read/listened to various chapters of a gospel.  It was refreshing to listen to it and I didn't feel any guilt about not reading it myself.  When we listen to the spoken Word of God we are blessed.  In fact I have often heard that the Bible was written to be spoken or read aloud.

So if you have been putting off reading the Bible cover to cover this is a very doable opportunity and it will not cost you a penny.  So just follow the link and just get started!

Bible Gate Way