Monday, September 10, 2012

South Goldenrod, Orlando

This is Orlando.  I had to take my car to get evaluated for damages after my fender bender.  So I drove north of Lee Vista Boulevard making a right on Narcoosee and then catching Goldenrod Road.  This area is surprisingly rural with cows grazing and all.  A pleasant area which easily could be converted into a Central Park type area if the city had any vision, but that is another story.

Then I proceeded to drive six miles north till I reached Colonial Highway, i.e.  Route Fifty, but it was what I saw along the way that saddened and frightened me.  This is a part of Orlando that is very depressed with dark, shut, and boarded up buildings, and what I sensed was unemployement.  It's the part of town that doesn't make it into the newspapers. It's where the shopping centers are somewhat empty and the stores are run down.  It seemed dirty and abandoned by the City Beautiful. This area is so different to where I live where the traffic never stops day or night and there is so much movement that one only crosses the parking lot after much thought and trepidation. Goldenrod has lost its color.

Somebody needs to go down South Goldenrod, because they need help.  Mr. Buddy Dyer, when was the last time you looked at that part of town? They need your help!

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