Sunday, September 02, 2012

School Has Started

So if you have not heard a word from me, that is the reason. It's school with everything that word means!  Lesson plans, students, fire drills, shorter planning periods and 176.  176 students that I see a day.  Twenty-two of them in eight periods.  Our planning period is now shorter in order to add that additional period.  More periods means more work, and I have to tell you it is exhausting.  It is not just me either, I am hearing it from many many teachers.  

So when I get home, the first thing I do is have something to eat and then rest for about two hours.  I might even nap for a while. What did I just finish doing?   I was entering grades for half of my classes and plan to finish putting in the other half tomorrow in the evening. So thank goodness for weekends and holidays.   It could not have come any sooner, and I am grateful!


Lil said...

Thankful for terrific teachers like you, dear Elba, who give so much love and care to their students. That's a lot of names to remember! May God bless you in your work each day, and give you smiles :)

Elba said...

Thank you, Lil. I appreciate your kind words!! God bless!