Saturday, October 22, 2011

One Perfect Leaf

Look at what I found while walking Ginger. It was the only one and the rest of the tree was still green. It was lying on its side close to the sidewalk and I happened to look down and saw it. It had some minor imperfections but those are evidence of where it has been. The colors on it are beautiful. Does God look at us that way? I think he does.

One beautiful leaf.
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Ginger is Home

After spending a week with a friend to be more obedient; she's home! She did learn some commands but I actually had a surprise and totally unplanned encounter with my front door neighbor I met her daughter in law and she taught me some simple commands that I can put to practice right away with Ginger. Surprisingly enough the commands come with some tactile reinforcement and I found that that reinforcement is making all the difference. I lift her collar gently twice, while saying up one, two. For some reason, it's working!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Maters and Taters in Apopka

On Friday afternoon, I took an outing to Apopka and stopped by one of my favorite stores, Maters and Taters where you can get the best in fresh veggies, many locally grown. Some of the best veggies included locally grown corn from Zellwood, tomatoes, butternut and acorn squash, bananas, cilantro, green peanuts for boiled peanuts, plums, a huge Florida avocado, green leaf lettuce, lemons, pecans, just to name a few, and the prices were very good. So if you want the best veggies and in Apopka, around Park Avenue and in front of the Apopka Memorial Middle School go right in.  You might also buy your pumpkins there, too. I'll put up their pumpkin pictures, soon.
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