Saturday, July 23, 2011

A funny thing or two happened to me this summer

You make your plans, but God determines your steps.

So what were some of those "funny" things that happened to me this summer?

1. I was destined to borrow a car from one person a, but instead a sister lent me one for three weeks!
2. I was forced to go to a resort condo for a week!
3. My puppy fractured a bone, not funny, but what is funny, two days later I broke a bone, too. A toe.
4. Went to Downtown Disney, and people saw me with Doodles and they said she was a new Disney attraction, since so many people were lining up to pet her.
5. Last trip I went to La Bombonera and this trip I went to La Mallorca, the competition.
6. Finally stopped at the Indian River Pecan stop on I-95, and tasted the best ruby reds and pinks, but only bought 2 grapefruit and some pecan rolls. So good!
7. Went to a church in Puerto Rico to hear one friend speak, but the Lord instead blessed me with two very humble ladies. One shared her testimony, and it seemed the Lord was talking directly to me, and the other just shared time with me. The second was Doña Virginia, a servant of the Lord.
8. When I went to Maunabo, I thought I was going to go stir crazy, and instead I had a very pleasant time. It was more a retreat than a resort.
9. I thought I was coming home to an empty house but instead, the Lord has filled it and filled.
10. Wear shoes if you are prone to stubbing your toes.

So what did I learn? I learned, "uno propone, pero Dios dispone." Basically, that God is in control.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Atlantis Final Approach

I found some Space Art on line at the Marshall Space Center in Huntsville Alabama. They have several rooms in their gallery and this have a very appropriate painting about a shuttle making its final approach at the Kennedy Space Center. Tomorrow, according to schedule Atlantis is going to be making its final approach. Go to this link to see the painting. Don't think the Shuttle Mission is really over. There is much information and discoveries that have not yet been shared with the general public. Therefore, keep searching, keep reading, keep discovering. While there is imagination and the desire to discover hidden secrets and treasures in difficult places, the mission continues. One chapter closes, but a more brilliant one opens! Be sure of that!

If you would like to visit the center go to this visitors information page

En español:

Encontre una obra de arte que muestra el Transbordador Espacial haciendo su acercamento final a la pista en el Centro Espacial Kennedy. La obra, que se encuentra en el Centro Espacial Marshall, en Huntsville Alabama, es perfecta para este aterrizaje final y cierre de mision del programa del Trasbordador Espacial. Este program ha traido tantos avances que todavia hay mucha informacion y descubrimientos que todavia no ha llegado al publico en general..por lo tanto, sigan leyendo y piensen que se ha realmente acabado la mision! La mision continua con nuestra imaginacion, con el pensamiento de que todavia hay cosas que inventar y lugares dificeles para explorar. Se cierra un capitulo pero se abre otro!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Building 22 Villas del Faro

Around the corner of Building 22 there is a secret cove that ends in a climb up a short steep hill, and to the most beautiful view of Punta Tuna. You can see the cemi shaped hills on the other side of the lighthouse. With the view of the Lighthouse peeking through the trees and the majestic mountains on the south, part of the Cordillera Central trickling into the center of the island, it is an awesome sight. To think I discovered this almost on my last day on the island, before I head home...I am so blessed, always in abundance...Tomorrow I will post some of these pictures, hopefully. Whenever, I say I am going to post some pictures, something happens. Perhaps, now that I made that caveat, it will all turn out.



Estas fueron algunas de la cosas que vi caminando por la playa. La nubes que parecian plumitas, las pequenas olas en el agua, un brillante coco, las yerbitas, y las raices. Todos componiendo una sinfonia en harmonia. La playa te invita...alli voy...

Little Details

These were some of the little things I saw as I walked the beach, the feathery clouds, the ripples on the water, the brilliant coconut, the delicate grasses, and the sturdy roots of a palm trees...together they were composing a symphony in harmony. The water, the beach I go!
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