Saturday, June 04, 2011

Slow Saturday

I have been taking it so slow today
that I just saw a snail pass me.
Sometimes that is just
the thing
to do.
Take it slow.
Breathe in,
Have your favorite tea with cream, of course,
look at your beautiful back yard,
remember your family (which I will be seeing soon),
contemplate the fact that we are ever growing
and changing,
that we have some successes and
that next year we hope to do things better,
that summertime is ahead with
long car trips,
flowers on the side of the road,
smiling faces to greet us,
open homes,
open marshes,
crashing waves,
homes away from home,
children laughing,
games to play,
sparkling turqoise waters,
lots of español!,
rain drops dripping down long slippery ginger leaves,
Miami, maybe,
Maunabo, too
sometimes it is indeed time to take it slow...
oops there goes another one.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Steve Stone, Chicago White Sox Broadcaster

I started watching Chicago Cubs baseball because of Harry Carey and Steve Stone. I loved their wit, banter, and conversations and how they could make baseball fun and understandable for a young woman who had never gone very deep into the game. My kids grew up watching Chicago Cubs baseball with me, and in fact we have gone to Wrigley Field a couple of times to see the Cubbies play. Being that I live in Florida that is a big deal.

So when Harry Carey died a couple of years back, probably more than a couple of years now, a little bit of my heart went with him. Steve Stone I think had moved on and it wasn't until today that I found out that he is one of Chicago White Sox's broadcasters. I was delighted to find he has a website and he has a video talking about some of his more memorable experiences with Harry Carey. Makes for some good listening if you want to remember Harry and the Cubbies.

I was weeding...when

I was weeding when I came upon this cluster of weeds sprouting in my backyard. I had to pull them out. They looked beautiful and delicate before I pulled them out and had to put them in water.

Here they are, just lovely in their delicate periwinkle blue.
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Joseph Acaba Herrera, Regresa al Espacio

Pero no directamente desde los Estados Unidos de America pero sale desde Rusia!! Les dire que todavia falta un poco para eso ya que es para el 2012 o sea en un año. Menos mal por que va tener que aprender bien el idioma ruso ya que todas las instrucciones van a ser en ruso! Ya lleva un año practicando y vivien en Rusia precisamente. Para todos los detalles vayan al Nuevo Dia y lean el articulo.

Poppies in Oil

This is what I have been painting lately. I found an two flat canvas that one of my artistic daughters, Rosita, (both of my daughters are artists in their own ways) left behind years ago. After careful consideration if she would want these unfinished pieces, one by her and an old friend, I went ahead and put two heavy coats of Gesso on them. Next I saw a beautiful field of poppies in a photograph, and decided that was my next painting. It's a work in progress, but it is a beginning, perhaps a's a process.