Friday, March 11, 2011

Huge Earthquake Rattles Japan

Huge 8.9 earthquake rattles Japan and unfolds a multination list of damages. Not only does Japan suffer a horrible Tsunami, destruction, but over 300 people are now dead from the quake. Tsunami warnings were extended to Hawaii, California, and Chile as well as Mexico and other Pacific rimmed countries including New Zealand and Australia.

It must have been a very frightening experience, is an understatement. Other countries have shook as well as a result. See video at CNN

Hawaii has implemented evacuation procedures due to a predicted Tsunami coming around the early morning hours. See link

Our hearts and prayers go out to all those in Japan who have lost family and friends and pray that many may still be found alive even today. God have mercy on their souls.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A High Five for Discovery!

We heard the Discovery clap its hands as if in a high five for its many achievements all these years. A job well done! It was the sonic boom which reverberated across Central Florida as the Discovery made its approach to the Kennedy Space Center for its final landing before being moved to its new mission exhibition at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

My students and I were in class when we heard the boom go through our classroom wall at it landed and one student said, "I just heard history in the making!" We all agreed as I explained that that had just been the Discovery coming back into our atmosphere on its way to KSC. We are all glad they all made it safely home. Only two more shuttle flights and that will be the conclusion to this program that we thought would last forever. We just hope brighter and greater things are ahead for the many men and women at NASA. Godspeed to you all.

Sunday, March 06, 2011


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Talking to Friends @Charleston

After visiting Charleston for over 30 years what things would I recommend someone to do if they only had a day to do them? That is a hard question. You see the things I would do since I have friends there would be very different to those of a first time visitor, because I would probably want to put my feet up and enjoy a cup of hot tea or walk the beach with my friends.

But if it were my first time in Charleston I would stay at the Holiday Inn off of Route 17 on my way to town. This hotel has lovely views from every room and you can see the Marina with boats traveling up and down the river. Just lovely at a fair price.

Then have breakfast or lunch in the penthouse restaurant or go to the Briar Patch, a little nook, on the road to Folly Beach.

Drive through town going past the marina, and unto the Battery. Park, relax, enjoy the view. Turn around and look at the houses.

Look for the widow's walks or galley on top of houses where wives would pace back and forth as they waited for their sea faring husbands. Walk the battery.

Some ideas at the Battery:
Look across the harbor and see if you can find the water plant on Harbor View Road. Count the sailboats. Snap pictures of the seagulls. Let the breeze ruffle your feathers.

Walk by the old houses, spot the one with the two piggies or pigs. Just call them what they are. This house is owned by the proprietor of Piggly Wiggly. Cute. Be sure to walk the Battery Park before you leave and read the historical inscriptions. A lot of history took place here. If you look for Ft. Sumter at the head of the Battery you might see it.

Enjoy Charleston's beautiful architecture, welcoming impeccable gardens, black shutters, colorful flags, cobblestone streets, and history.

Have an impromptu most beautiful house and garden contest.

If it's March enjoy the azaleas every where!

If in season walk through the gardens. Drive to the aquarium; get your feet wet.

Snap pictures of rainbow row, a line of colorful houses, one right after another.

Eat seafood at one of the many delicious restaurants after you have visited the shops at the Market or on the way to or from Folly Beach stop at Melvin's BarBeque. Sorry closed on Sundays, but you can get their sauce in Publix.

Drive through the Citadel and stop if you can at their shop and buy a SC decal. Perhaps if it is time for the Parade, pull out a chair from your car, find some shade, and experience it. Great bagpipe music and definitely patriotic.

Drive across the new Cooper River Bridge, which is a highway in the sky. Check out the sea grass baskets in Mt. Pleasant and talk to the ladies that make them. They might speak Gullah, that colorful dialect of the low country sea islands.

Later drive to Folly Beach, be surprised by the amount of houses and activity there. There's a pier with much to do. If you like, find a free beach access, park, then walk the beach. If possible try to see the Lighthouse.

Find a road to Johns Island off of May bank Highway and enjoy the tree lined canopy.

Listen to an Old Negro Spiritual sung with a lot of faith and fervor on Wadmalaw Island.

Listen to someone tell you a story in Gullah.

On your way out of town, drive Route 26 to Columbia, watch for B-52's landing in North Charleston.

Watch for the sign that reads this "ain't no racetrack!"

These are a few ideas. Enjoy. I can feel South Carolina, calling. Hello? Hello!