Thursday, November 24, 2011

Legoland in Winter Haven, Florida

Colorful, proportioned, lush or bare, reminisce and new, are all words that describe the new Legoland in Winter Haven, that opened a couple of months ago here in Florida. About ten days ago, I was fortunate to visit the park with my two daughters and two granddaughters and thoroughly enjoyed it. The park sits on the grounds of the once very popular Cypress Gardens with its beautiful gardens and Southern Belles placidly sitting under the shade of tall oak trees. As you enter the park there is a colorful sun, and a life size Southern Belle made out of Legos ready to greet you. Though it is no longer Cypress Gardens there is a touch of the gardens inside the park, including a beautiful waterfall surrounded by life size deer and other wildlife animals also made of Legos. The areas that are still undeveloped still have gardens, and the lake of course is adjacent to the park and there is a fun ski show sporting red coated Lego soldiers, "grrrrrrating pirates," and a damsel in distress. That show is available for viewing throughout the day.

One of my favorite rides was the Island in the Sky ride that takes you high above the tree tops and rotates a gently 360 degrees so you can see the lake as well as the whole park. Every thing is at a close easy walking distance with many restaurants, ice cream stands, and shops. There is basically entertainment for the whole family. The section with the recreations of famous landmarks is at one centralized location, but if you do not tolerate the sun this is the one place where you would need to pull out an umbrella and sun glasses because you will want slowly compare and contrast these miniature recreations with your own experiences either at Daytona Speedway, Washington DC replete with the Obamas standing in front of the White House, Kennedy Space Center with their floating astronauts at the entrance, or the South Beach strip with it's pastel colored Art Deco buildings. The park also sports four rollercoasters, for those who are so inclined. There are also many rides for the kids in the family including car rides, rising fire trucks, and a two story carrousel, just to name a few.

Frankly if I were to suggest any changes to the park I would add an exhibit about the history of Legos. I would also add some shade to the Lego's miniatures area because I don't want to imagine how hot that will get during the summer and finally a different routine in the parking lot. Cars should fill the top of each column of cars to the end of each row and then proceed to fill up the bottom half. By the time the row is filled the people at the top have exited their cars and thus avoid getting hit by the next vehicle. In the meantime watch those kiddos when getting out of the car. These are just my thoughts.

If you are considering the park and you have the money, of course, go for it. You'll have a good time. I did!

For more information go to Legoland Florida

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