Thursday, August 11, 2011

Were they homeless?

I had never seen this happen before. A man in a car with a three year old in the back seat, with the windows open, letting in the breeze on one of the hottest afternoons in the year parked in front of an empty house. It was getting cloudy when they first started circling the neighborhood. Since I got my new puppy it seems I live in the front yard. Gin has to go often, and she will bounce to the front down where she will loiter for a few minutes so I will let her out. So today I gave her plenty of time while I trimmed the huge Elephant Ears bush out next to my front window. Gin was tethered to a little sign with happy yellow sunflowers that said Welcome.

How ironic now that I think about it. I thought they were waiting for someone. That was six o'clock, and it was 9;30 when I had to take Gin out again. They were still there. I must be seeing things, I thought. I could see a small head moving in the shadows of the car. They were still parked outside in our quiet cul de sac. They were not bothering anyone, but the house there is up for rent. I wanted to go outside and ask them, "Are you waiting for someone?" but what if ... a series of what ifs came to my head. So I called my neighbors. I wanted one of them to come out and keep me company, while I asked if there was any way we could help. My idea was thrown out the window. Instead my neighbors took action. One shone their lights on their license plate as they left to get some videos and the other called the police, after noisely checking his mail while calling out to me from the other side of the street. My neighbors are actually really nice people.

The people in the car got the hint and left before the police got there. So no crime was committed and unfortunately no contact was made. Anyway you look at it, it's a shame. It really is.

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