Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Stack of Voicemails

37 of them to be exact. Some long. Some short. Just too many of them for my phone service. I got the message that I had to eliminate, erase, and or dispose of them, so I could get new messages. Oh no, how tedious is this going to be? I have to listen to 37 voice mails. Mark 7 to erase and nine to save for forty days. Oh well, I better get started.

So I started to listen to them, one by one as I drove home.

I heard voice mails from one or two business people reminding me to make a payment. Erase. Another was from an insurance person. Erase. Then I got to those that made me smile, gasp, or wonder. The first was Rosita, saying hello and singing Happy Birthday. Love that girl. I saved it for another 40 days. Annie, calling to say hello. Love to hear her voice. Saved. Another one was a bashful granddaughter, starting, "Umm grandma, ahhh, I just wanted to saaaaaaaay," while her mother gently prodded her to express her self on the phone, "thank you." Saved. Another was my 89 year old mother singing barely over a whisper Happy Birthday..." How can I erase that one? I didn't. Saved. Then, Zee, Aay, and Annie calling to say they were praying for me to have a safe operation." Saved. Another, Rosita saying Christmas day was free! Saved. One of my best friends, calling to say hello and that she had heard something and just reminding me how much she appreciated me... and I thought at that moment what a gift she was in my life. Saved. Another one, my son, saying Mom pick up the phone. Saved.

At this time I think I have room for four new voice mails. No, not really! I actually cleaned house a little. Making room for all those new messages. So go ahead, call, and leave a message!

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