Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All 33 Miners Rescued!

Now they are waiting for the last of the Paramedics to be brought to the surface. When I considered that the first one to use the capsule was a paramedic, and frankly no one knew how the miners would react when he arrived. Thanks be to God, everything went well. No one was desperate. All the miners were calm and joyful. All waited their turn calmly. It was a blessed event. Now the paramedics are coming up and you can see them rising at CNN

Rescataron a los 33 Mineros

Todos sanos y salvo, salieron del vientre de la tierra para tener la oportunidad de vivir de nuevo. Chile nos ha dado una lección en amabilidad, solidaridad, y afecto. También vimos a los Chilenos unidos en fe en Dios y en empeño. Los felicitamos de todo corazón. Viva Chile!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Chilean Miners are Being Rescued

See it live online on CNN where you can see it in English or in Spanish, since CNN is also transmitting the Chilean Television live in Spanish.

Pueden ver la transmision del rescate en ingles o en espanol atraves de la CNN en vivo en la red cibernetica.

Chilean Miners/ Los Mineros Chilenos

What heart warming stories are coming out of this ordeal. There is one particular miner who is a faith believing Christian who has encouraged the other miners with daily prayer and faith. If you follow the news on the Chilean TV station that is being transmitted by CNN online you can hear the beautiful stories. There is a lot of worship going on, on the surface and down below. You know there are 33 miners, but they say, there are really 34 of them there since they sense the presence of God among them. Beautiful. Our God is compassionate.

Están contando en CNN en vivo (repeticion de la estacion de Chile) sobre un minero Cristiano que ha compartido su fe en Dios con todos los demás mineros que están con el. Son 33 los mineros y hablan de que en realidad son 34, con la presencia del Señor. Aun aquellos que no eran creyentes cuando empezó su pesadilla, ahora reconocen la presencia del Señor! Es precioso.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Value of a Book

It doesn't depend on electricity or a program, that is a paperback or hardcover. You can carry it anywhere. You can feel it. It connects you to others, the past, the present, and the future. You say a Kindle or an I Pad can do the same. You don't know books.

Have you heard of folios? Those partitions which made up dusty old books of the past which had watermarks, and were sown together. They were practically handmade in hot printing presses published in guilds. Teams of people working together to produce a masterpiece.

Then take the scribes in Jewish circles and monks in Christian tradition, dutifully transcribing our ancient texts seated in tall stools next to an open window. Tediously and meticulously using quills, inks, and blotters in their work. Both keeping the holy days and living reverent lives to be worthy of lifting the pen for the duty set before them. The scribes omitting vowels, especially to the name of G-d because they felt unworthy to write down His Holiness. While the monks were elaborating beautiful ornate letters to the beginning of each Biblical passage. So beautiful. Can't you just imagine touching one of these pages, or running your hand over the cracked ridged spine of one of these books? I have.

It is the beauty of the written text versus the ephemeral coded one. Ironically, the users of Kindle, I Pads, and such are the first to love a book. I know because I had insatiable devourers of books at home who cuddled their books in secret corners and tucked themselves quietly away on a hammock or huge cushions, and wandered to other countries or even universes joining contraband, time travelers, hijackers, and sleuths. Book clubs and pocketbooks could not keep up with them. It was only a well stocked library that sufficed them. Now these dreamers have their I Pads and love the convenience. They carry huge libraries incognito with them quietly reading again.

On the other hand, paperbacks are no more handmade than a fast food hamburger, so there is no mystic associated with them other than the author's message, and its front and back covers. Covers are always artistic and I Pads lack that creativity. I know I am looking at externalities, but reading is as much a social activity as being seen in a particular coffee shop. Perhaps, I am much more enamored with the externals than with the content of a book. But not knowing what a person is reading is about as isolating as hearing a person talk in a foreign language you don't know.

People want to make a connection. Books offered that. So books have a side IPAD creators have not considered. Perhaps little posters as a skin can be placed on the back of IPAD's so that readers don't appear as snooty as a newspaper reader hiding behind a paper. Of course, those that don't want to make friends can simply not use them.

There is one positive about IPADs and Kindles that is undeniable. They are green and about as positive for the environment as anything invented. No use of paper to print the book therefore trees are saved. We need that. On that point alone, they have won me over. Yet, there is something about a portable book with its attractive covers, with its kinestetic and social connection that neither an IPAD nor a Kindle offer at this time. Maybe when the designers of Kindles and IPADs reexamine its exterior casing, perhaps coming up with attractive skin for these practical gadgets, then I will feel compelled to buy one.

Nevertheless, in the meantime I think I need to write a book and have it published before hardbound books join the long line of things that are vanishing before us such as Studebakers, drive in theaters, Space Shuttles, hour lunches, long conversations under a shaded tree, and huge libraries.

Some People

Some people say I say too much; some say I say too little. Not really. No one has really said, I say too little. Most people might want to hear more, but they don't say it. In fact, I have a person who says, why do I blog? She is not into blogging and why should I? I say to each their own. I don't expect her to read my blogs and if she doesn't like blogs, she doesn't have to read it. I am content. I don't write for her.

Words sometimes flow like a broken faucet. Depending on how much I have to say, they flow and flow and flow. They go flowing down forming a puddle, which overflows into a little river, curling around little leaves which rise up carried by the water. These in turn crash against tall blades of grass forming a little dam, but no matter. There is no way to stop the flow forever. The flow carries little twigs which float sometimes twirling, while little ants struggle till these cease their fight, either to succumb to the flow or stop stoicly until the flow ceases and they rest again. The words come until, I'm done. Done with telling my story. Today is one of those days.