Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Light Box, Final Product


Here's how the light box looks like after I sewed the sides and the longer drape.
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Here are some links to additional sites where you can find additional information on making a light box:

Making a Light Box


Why make a light box anyway? Why did I want one? Is it hard to make?

Well Rosita figured I needed one, seeing that I am trying to sell my paintings online, so I could have professional looking pictures. Basically a light box is a contraption which lets you take pictures with diffused light and eliminates shadows. The result is an excellent photograph if you also use the white balance on your camera to get the true white and voila, the pictures come out with true colors. I had been complaining that my art work was coming out drab or simply not reflecting the vibrant colors in my paintings. I'm so thrilled with all the new things I'm learning.

The pictures with this story are a depiction of the process. First of all we went to Home Depot and bought three ten foot by 1/2 PVC pipe. Before we left the store we asked if we could have it cut and they said yes and did not charge a penny for doing it!! I tell you free sounds good, doesn't it, especially when you consider the expense of buying more tools and the time consuming effort. I just couldn't see Rosita using her precious time sawing some PVC pipe. Anyway, she had it cut into 2 feet portions enough for 12 pieces. Then she bought these 8 connecting pieces (8 of each),and numbered each. After it was assembled I took a white sheet (hardly used) and 2 sewed two pieces to fit on the sides which I made a casing for and inserted the tubes into it so it was fitted and then a longer piece about 7 feet long which can me draped over and down, with a casing so as to be fitted on one of the upper tubes. I will take a picture of the final product so you can see it. But the best part is that it hardly cost anything to make and the assembly was practically seamless. Of course, I can say that because Rosita was the one who put it together! Thank you, Rosita!
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Some Amazing Things

How can a five minute conversation bring so much joy? Just a minute ago I was checking my sitemeter. It tells me how many and where people are coming from to my site and also for what they are looking. One of the referrals was of someone who was looking for something funny, and it took me to something I wrote in December and just rereading it made me laugh. Then my phone rang, and it was my two precious daughters and granddaughters calling me and they were so delighted when I answered and there was this grand burst of laughter and joy on both sides of the line. How wonderful to know you are loved. And loved very very much! Again, this is a wonderful life and I thank God everyday for it. Love is more important than money, more important than gold.

I was going to mention that today I broke a visitors record of people coming to my website, but it just pales next to the joy. It really does.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Aprons


Here are the aprons!! I sewed them for the birthday ladies at the Prayer and Potlock prayer group I go to once a month. I need to sew one for myself. I think I owe one to my two girls. They are next.
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