Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Puerto Rico Daily Sun First Anniversary!!

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Contact: Marisol Lora Cruz
Telephone: 787-630-7522

Puerto Rico Daily Sun
, the island’s only English-language daily newspaper,
marks its 1st Anniversary
October 22, 2009 – It was a year ago today that a group of 90 newspaper professionals showed its entrepreneurial spirit, launching the Puerto Rico Daily Sun, the island’s only English-language daily newspaper. For the last 12 months, the award-winning publication has kept readers informed of all of the island’s major news events with a keen and objective eye.
The newspaper’s first year is just the latest milestone for the publication that is operated as a cooperative of workers, who incorporated as Cooperativa Prensa Unida, joining the island’s thriving cooperative movement.
Since launching in October 2008, the newspaper’s circulation has tripled to 35,000 daily editions seven days a week. The publication is sold at more than 1,300 points of sale, including stoplights and retail establishments in all 78 municipalities, according to information certified by Distribution Integrated Services Inc. The Puerto Rico Daily Sun is also sold in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
“I must congratulate all of the employees of the Puerto Rico Daily Sun for their effort and courage to develop this project, which began a year ago,” said Marisol Lora Cruz, Executive Editor of the Puerto Rico Daily Sun. “I am grateful to each one of them, as well as to all of the people who in one way or another have supported us during this first year.”
While the publication is young, its staff of reporters and photojournalists is experienced and, over the past year, has demonstrated its ability to pursue the story, earning several awards for their work. In June, the Puerto Rico Photojournalists Association bestowed honorary mentions to photographers Francesca von Rabenau O’Reilly and Humberto Trías, while reporter Xavira Neggers earned the award for best spot news reporting from the Overseas Press Club in August. Early in the year, the newspaper’s Economy team received a special recognition from the Small Business Administration, for reporting on relevant issues to that segment of society.

“We are committed to continue offering serious reporting to benefit our Island and to offer a real alternative to our readers and advertisers,” Lora Cruz said.
Next on the agenda is launching our much-anticipated Web site, through which the Puerto Rico Daily Sun will offer readers — on the island and abroad — the ability to read the newspaper online.
“The Daily Sun is entering into a second phase of it's presence in Puerto Rico as a key news information vehicle,” said Rafael Matos, Editor of the Puerto Rico Daily Sun. “We are now working with the digital edition which will give the Daily Sun and its readers, editors, reporters, photographers and advertiser a news window about Puerto Rico, on a global scale."

The cooperative newspaper concept

The Puerto Rico Daily Sun is the first local daily newspaper formed under the cooperative concept, joining the island’s vibrant cooperative community, an important sector of the economy that creates thousands of jobs and significant amounts of goodwill. Cooperatives contribute greatly to the island’s economy, generating some $6.6 billion in assets deposited in 133 financial institutions.

On the U.S. mainland, newspapers dating back to the 1930s have been established and operated successfully under the cooperative concept. For example, “The Greenbelt News Review” in Maryland has been published weekly without interruptions since its establishment in 1937.

Again Congratulations to all at the newspaper! I know how sacrificial and difficult it has been, so your achievement is all the more worthy.

See my response in the comments. Guess what everybody? The Puerto Rico Daily Sun is now online!!!! Way to go!


Elba said...

Dear Puerto Rico Daily Sun:

How absolutely delightful to hear about your progress. I must say that I already knew, since I have friends there, but your achievements are well worth mentioning and I am so proud that you took the time to share them on my blog. Many people doing a search for your newspaper stop by my blog and take a look at this entry, but what they are really looking for,and anxiously waiting for, is for the online version. There are over 3 million Puerto Ricans stateside that care deeply about Puerto Rico, not to mention all those Americans who love the island or have vested interest in its well being. So the news that the online version is not far off is great. Congratulations on your hard fought exemplary first year anniversary "y que cumplan muchos mas!" Felicidades!


Elba Vazquez Morales

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget our very own J. Michelle Kantrow Vazquez, also an award-winning reporter. The paper's success is due in part to her continuous dedication to excellence. I have heard her articles being commented on other media and her achievements make me beam with pride. You go, girl and keep on truckin'.......wishing you and the PRDailySun every success!

Elba said...

You know I could never forget our very own J. Michelle Kantrow Vazquez! So very proud of her!