Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mt Dora Craft Fair


When the Mt. Dora Chamber of Commerce **puts on a Craft fair they go all out. They can't control the weather, which was a warm 91 degrees in the sun. Fortunately, my friend Leticia and I went after 2 o'clock so we were able to always find some shade. There were .hundreds of vendors which included Christmas ornaments, signs of all sorts, paintings on unusual surfaces including floor laminate, canvases treated with heavy grainy backgrounds, pottery, glass earrings, and dolls. One particular vendor was selling aprons of all sorts. Some had hearts which were adorable; I got lots of ideas on how to improve mine. There was food of course, including kettle corn, hot dogs, arepas, and ice cream. I don't think I have ever enjoyed myself more, because I was actually able to walk for hours without any complaints. The Craft Fair continues tomorrow. Just be ready to pay $5.00 for parking. Other than that, entrance is free. The sights and sounds of Mt. Dora are also gratis, so get ready to have a good time.

** Guess what? The Mt. Dora Chamber of Commerce did not put up the Mt. Dora Craft Fair, but the on by the Mount Dora Village Merchants & Business Assn. I stand corrected. Thanks for the lively event!
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Lil said...

Mt Dora looks like a beautiful place. Have noticed you mention it before... What a pleasant Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Great post but I must clarify for you that the Chamber of Commerce DID NOT put on the Craft Fair!! Craft Fair is/was put on by the Mount Dora Village Merchants & Business Assn.

Thank you

Elba said...

Well, what do you know! I stand corrected!