Monday, January 05, 2009

Surfing You Tube

Wow there is a treasure trove of beautiful things on You Tube. For a long time I thought only silly things were on You Tube. You know how they have all these funny videos of animal tricks,and also a lot of not so funny things. But as I sift through it, I am realizing there is everything there as there are people who know how to hold a video camera and have a voice and a message to deliver.

I wanted to hear a country version of "Oh the Blood of Jesus" and I found it. I found it so moving I had to listen to it several times. Of course there were many others that followed. Then I found another video that I found rather surprising, including a very moving one, appealing to end abortion and letting precious babies live, called "40 Days for Life - Praying to End Abortion." I know people are passionate about their stubborn opinions about abortion, but there is nothing more precious than an innocent baby. We are not worthy to be stewards of something, someone so innocent and helpless, as an unborn child, when we consider how many babies have died. But we are and we will be accountable.

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