Saturday, November 29, 2008

Everything is coming up Letters: Bananagrams and Pancakes

Aunt Rosie and Aay were playing Bananagrams which is a total hoot. Each player gets 21 letters and starts building a personal jigsaw. No points but fun. As soon as you use up your letters you say, "peel" and each player has to grab a new letter. The first player to finish placing all his or her letters after all the letters have been picked up wins. The fun continues once that happens as each player shares their "words," and are critiqued, poked, and discussed by others. It made for a lot of fun.

Afterwards, Aay and I made some fun designers pancakes for all to enjoy. Can you imagine, the fun we had?

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Service at Rochester CRC

The most notable part of this post is getting my picture with my three kids. The last time we were together was for Juan Daniel's graduation from the Citadel in Charleston South Carolina. This has been the neatest time just seeing all of them talking, laughing, and joking together. Priceless. Thank you, Jesus!
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Penfield, BT

BT Before Thanksgiving. It's snowing outside, full blast. I'm thinking I have to film it for Maria. I am not posting much these days because well my hands have been busy giving hugs, sewing a not so perfect princess dress, making felt ornaments, giving hugs, holding children's books as I read to attentive little ears, planning menus, vacuuming to prepare the house for guests, getting hugs, supervising little helpers vacuum, still sewing and still snowing, and cooking beans. So yeah, no time for the rather mudane of arts of writing and painting. Even though today we plan to go to Mud about You, and make some pottery. That is a little of the arts. AND we have to take that turkey out and start basting and seasoning and fill the house with flavor and spice. Maybe try to make Lil's famous apple pie since Rosie made it safely to Penfield last night at precisely 1:52 and about 10 minutes later she was snuggled in to bed. She is still sleeping as you can well imagine, after of course getting a ton of hugs and kisses. You can see pictures of our adventures including Arwen's Thanksgiving play on Annie's blog and on my photo stream, both have links on the margin on the left. Happy Thanksgiving you all! We have so much to be thankful.