Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Case of Mistaken Identity and other misinformation

After a more careful examination, two suspects have been cleared. Namely the Little Wooly sheep and the Big Eared Mouse, incredibly mistaken for cats. Again no hate mail please.

In fact, the cat with the flowers in her hair is possibly standing next to a puppy with a garland of flowers on her neck? Like many creatures I run into on a daily basis they seem unidentifiable. I haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what it is. But those ears I must say do not resemble a cat's.

On another note, both Dalmatians required that their tails be reattached, and have under gone treatment, and all these delightful creatures are back in their safe abode, in my china cabinet. Even the little bluebird got her wings partially reattached and remains proudly with the rest. Today saved from the ravages of the trash.

I have to admit, I haven't laughed so much with my silliness than this morning. I hope you are amused!!!!

I wonder will this prompt me to start writing children stories about the adventures of my ceramic animals? Umm, got to think about it. There are enough characters I dare say, some are happy little twerps. Then there is that angry little mouse watching the other one nibble on the cheese, the cats, the rabbits, and dogs enough to fill a pet shop: happy, sassy, and alert. Maybe the start of something fun! We'll see.
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Miniture Pottery Animal Clinic

From looking at them now you wouldn't realize they had been through a traumatic experience. I was going through a plastic container that had been tightly sealed and carefully stored in my garage. It contained old items which I put on my refrigerator and had packed away when I was decluttering my kitchen. As I started to discover one by one and reminisce about when I had gotten so and so, I found this little plastic bag. To my shock, I found my miniture collection almost wholly decapitated. Yes, it was a gruesome sight! All the lady kitties convalescing on the right had lost their heads. My pretty Harriet Potter Bunny, the Gentleman with the carrot, had also suffered the same fate. No discrimination here.

The stately Dalmation was purchased on a trip to the Antique shops in Daytona possibly with Juan D. when he got his old bubble gum machine. The Dalmation not only lost its head, but also the tip of its tail and a broken leg. He is still waiting for treatment on his tail according to the traige nurses. Heads you see are more important than tails!

The only ones suspiciously not harmed were from the Central Florida area. The two orkas and the whale, from the theme parks, were intack. Umm. The two black and white canines, friends of the aforementioned Dalmation from Daytona (it must be a Central Florida thing), were also spared but the puppy suffered a severed ear which happily has been reattached. Darn there goes my theory.

I must report that all four Kitties are on a suspect's list as they must have gotten into the cheese, as a little bit is missing. Who knows what melee took place? Could they be the culprits in this sad event? Please no hate mail from cat lovers.

I am presently working on the grey squirrel, and sadly on the little blue bird. I really don't have much hope for the bird which was one of my favorites, and knowing me it will be hard to discard if I do at all. So I am going to do my best to fix it.

So yes all these little creatures have a story to tell, don't they? Is this an allegory?
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A Little Bit of Jazz

This painting is so different from the one I posted recently, isn't it? The other one was so pastelish, while this one has brilliant colors. It had been taped to my closet door for months, and tonight after a couple of hours sleep, I got up and thought it was time to finish it. What would it look like with some gouche? So I sprayed some white gouche on it. It helped a little, but then I had the metallics right there, so I went ahead and splashed some Metallic Amethyst, Emperor's Gold, and Dark Patina. The only thing is, I should have worn an apron, because I also have a work of art on my nightgown, not!
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is it Freckles or Meteor Shower?

I think I will call it Meteor Shower since there is so much movement in the painting. I like the lighter colors in the background which help make a better contrast with the metallic paints. It has some of my favorite colors and was a lot of fun to paint.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I was in the dark

On my way home today, I did the usual. Order a pizza, stop at Ferrara's on Curry Ford Road, and get their Monday/Tuesday large cheese pizza which gives me about 3 meals which I stretch over a two week period. So today, when I got home, I already had dinner with me. Thank God. First the garage door wouldn't open. How could this be? It was working just fine this morning.
So I got out, opened the front door, and the inside light wouldn't come on. It was then I realized the power company had shut off the power. Umm, what to do? Eat my pizza? I was starving, but I knew if I didn't hurry I wouldn't be able to get my power back on by tonight. I didn't have the number and the sun was beginning to set, being that is was 6:45 already. I searched through my mail and found the customer service number, and of course the letter saying they were going to cut off the power if I didn't pay. So I hurriedly made my payment by phone which thank God I was able to do. I had been careless and forgot to pay my bill. Now I was paying for it.

Since it was still twilight, I opened all the blinds, opened some windows and let some fresh air in, and searched for candles and matches. Fortunately, I found four scented candles and wondered how long these would last? And more importantly how long would they take to restore the power? The candles flickered a shaky irregular light. Not enough to read by but I figured I could wash the dishes with it, and I did but not before I started reheating my last slice of pizza.

I have a George Foreman grill outside, and I keep the top grill part indoors for cleanliness. I lit the fire, situated the clean grill, and placed my pizza and lowered the cover. Then I washed the dishes. It is so much more romantic to wash the dishes in candlelight. Who am I kidding? There was nobody there but me. Lovely, different, but really, not romantic. Anyway, I was getting hungry so I went and recovered my pizza. That is when I discovered a gourmet's delight. If you want the best reheated pizza ever, use the grill. Since it spreads the heat evenly, it crisped the pizza pie better than when it was fresh, and then it heated the cheese till it was almost bubbly. I tell you, it was better than fresh.

I enjoyed my pizza, then started wondering how much longer would I be forced to relax. I decided to call my daughter Ana and chat and ask her about her cold and we did for about 10 minutes when, just as I was about to hang up I heard some clatter outside and the lights suddenly went on. I had power again. Just in time to tell Annie all was well, but actually it had been fine.

Crispy pizza, clean china, plenty of candles and time to chat and put my feet up and relax. It 's okay to not have light sometimes.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Everything is coming up Purple

Just relaxing and painting purple flowers. I had the nicest weekend visiting with my good friend, Cassandra, her daughter Jillian and baby Dylan Christopher. We went to the pool for a couple of hours and added another layer of sun tan from my summer in Puerto Rico. After Jillian left with the baby, Cassandra, Sylvia and I headed for Mt. Dora. There we met up with another friend, Ronnie, and we ate at the Winsor Rose Tea Room which is always a delight. Then we walked a little bit down to the pier and back up again all the while admiring the curios, paintings, and people. There was live music in two places and wine tasting. The weather had cooled so it was very pleasant. This morning we went to church but on the way there drove through Welch road with its huge oak trees behind of Deer Lake and next to Wekiva Springs Park. The area was as lovely as ever. It is so good to have good friends. If I ever get a chance to live in Apopka again I will do it in a heart beat. By the way, my favorite field near Thompson and Votaw is intact, with its cows and weathered shack. That is most certainly a painting I need to do. I think it hasn't changed waiting for me to paint it. You can't take these things for granted. Maybe next weekend.
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