Thursday, July 10, 2008

Paintings again

Maybe you will be able to see the pictures now?
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Yunque Flower and El Palmar de Maunabo


The flower was inspired by the white flowers in El Yunque and the palm trees are remeniscent of the ones in Maunabo. I worked on the flower for days and I think it is now finished. Meant to be looked at from a distance. Just can't paint the fragrance. If I could that would be quite the invention.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Flamboyan Country


Flamboyans pa' tirar pa' rriba.
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The Long Way Home


After leaving Maunabo at about 9:30 this morning, Mom and I, went on another Silver Hair Adventure. This time we took Route 53 which slices through some of the most beautiful areas in Puerto Rico, including the backside of El Yunque, whose most famous side I always visit, then Naguabo, Ceiba, finally arriving in Fajardo.

I ventured in and out of Route 53 to visit Naguabo, el pueblo de los enchumbaos (the town of the soaking ones)and there I took some pictures of their lovely Plaza, full of trees and people just hanging out, the town theatre dedicated to one of Puerto Rico's legendary comedians, Diplo, and it picturesque town hall or Alcaldia. Later we drove through Ceiba and its Plaza but was not able to take pictures because my batteries had gone dead. Not a happpy moment for me, since it had a very nice Catholic Church. Next time, I guess.

We went on to Fajardo where I was able to get some lithium batteries at a Walgreens and then on Las Croabas, just behind El Conquistador Resort, hoping to find a place where they sold pastelillos de chapin. Instead of finding los pastelillos in Las Croabas, with its fishing boats, we went on to Seven Seas beach and had a leisurely lunch looking at the aquamarine ocean. Between the ins and outs, I think I collected a sizeable collection of Flamboyan pictures. Soon to be displayed at this present location. Stay tuned.

Oh we made it home at 2:00 in the afternoon. Safe and sound and ready for a nap.
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The View from the Top


In Maunabo the view from the top when with family is looking for family, and an ocassional bubble.
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Some Maunabo Fun

Here are just a couple of pictures of our time in Maunabo.
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