Sunday, March 02, 2008

Spring Cleaning

That is what I have been doing all weekend, especially today. Not to mention that on Wednesday, when I stayed home from school due to a cold, I couldn't help myself and cleaned the refrigerator. Bizarre. But yes, I did it meticulously, even removing each shelf and cleaning them till they sparkled. I have been wondering all week if I should take a picture, because it looks like a work of art. Then today, I vacuumed my car and am considering putting Armour All, too. Again, what is up with that? Then I looked around the garage, and thought, why stop there and vacuumed the garage rug, which to my knowledge had never been vacuumed; swept yes, but never vacuumed. Another first.
Then I started thinking, my back porch hadn't seen a broom for a while, and the chairs could use some "Fabuloso," the scented detergent that makes any room smell wonderful, so I swept and cleaned it and it looks almost fabulous. Almost fabulous, umm. Darn, I just realized the outdoor fan in the porch needs cleaning, too... Uh, Oh, got to run, I don't know if I can sleep knowing that isn't done. Who am I kidding? I am going to prepare myself a big cup of iced tea and relax. That dirt will be waiting for me tomorrow.

Oh and don't start sending me sassy emails saying it's not Spring, yet! It feels like Spring here in Florida, so ha ha.

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