Sunday, March 02, 2008

Ginger 2


The first Ginger was on 140 lb cold pressed paper and this one was done on the very solid, 300 lb. cold pressed paper, and is twice as large as the first one. In this one you can see mom's cyclone fence next to the wood picket fence.

Why do they call them cyclone fences any way? What do cyclones have to do with fences? Now take Miami windows. Miami windows were the rage in Puerto Rico around the nineteen fifties when all the big subdivisions came to Puerto Rico. Mom was able to buy in that first big one called Puerto Nuevo. Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Rico. Not very original, but I hadn't thought about that name either. New Port. Maybe the guy was from Rhode Island, who knows. Anyway, we didn't know why they were called Miami windows, but must be because they originated there and could withstand hurricane winds, and do you think that is why cyclone fences? The only thing I know is that construction of houses is ten times better in Puerto Rico than in Florida. Do I have to bring evidence?

About the tropical paintings, maybe that is why I have been painting so many tropical things lately. I am overdue a trip to PR. What next? A coqui?

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