Sunday, January 06, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow


While in Rochester it snowed three times. Snow in tufts, snow in swirls, snow in powder, and snow that flew in all different directions. Snow that called my name out to play, and having a wonderful winter coat, I went outside and weathered it. Here are some beautiful robust firs, as well as, noble leafless trees braving the weather with a fresh coat of white. Also called out to play went my granddaughters and their father, Chris, who proceeded to make a respectable snow man.

It made for a funny story. I was inside when I found out the the girls were making a snowman and I went out in my house slippers and took its picture. Frosty, quickly lost his footing unbeknowst to me. The next day at dawn, I looked out side, and didn't spot the snowman. Instead of a standing snowman, there was this series of funny lumps in a row. Was this a foolish prank? I got all upset thinking that some neighborhood vandal had come during the night and destroyed the snowman my little granddaughters had worked so hard to make.

That wasn't it at all! Later, Annie explained that Frosty had had the same fate as Humpty Dumpty. When he fell he could not be saved so instead he was went through a metamorphosis and was turned into an odd looking catepillar. A lumpy caterpillar of all things!
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