Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Driving Menace

That was always a concern for my kids to see me driving down a street in Guaynabo in the Spring. Now what was that you might ask? Well, they know. If I happened to see a beautiful blooming lavendar Roble tree in its full extravagant beauty, I would get distracted in my driving so they were always watching me like hawks to make sure I would keep my eyes on the road. If they had seen me this weekend, they would be proud. No veering to the left or to the right and no near accidents, even though there was a moment that I felt like stopping right in the middle of the highway near El Senorial shopping center because they have planted row upon row of blossoming robles. But no, I didn't do it. I actually pulled over to take my pictures and admire these beautiful trees, which sport thick lavendar or white blossom, which when they fall, form a canopy of flowers, reminiscent of snow. The pictures above were taken just south of El Senorial Mall heading towards La Facciola. Enjoy!

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