Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tomorrow is October 19th!!! Has it Been 30 Years? Impossible but true!

Top Left to right and around: Annie in Fair View, reflecting on our trip in Stratford upon Avon or is she trying to see her future just around the corner?, hugging Juan in Rome, hugging baby Rosita in Fair View ( is this a pattern?), in Switzerland with me, a composite of her busy life loving Arwen, Chris, and Zanneke today in Brooks, Canada, and much earlier with Nana, Tito, y yo, at six months in Villa Nevarez, and finally with her Wesleyan Academy jacket in Montecarlo. She is all heart! Happy Birthday! Posted by Picasa


Ranne said...

I have some fotos of little Miss Annie with the curly locks when she visited us at 2 years old. Send a (belated) Happy Birthday to her from us in SC. You are right, Elba. She is a Sweetie!

Elba said...

Gracias, Ranne, I sent your regards on to Annie and she sends you a hug. She lost the curls for a couple of years but she got them back. I would love to see those pictures!