Sunday, June 25, 2006

Going for a stroll on Park Avenue

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Lilli Ann Koning said...

Hi Dear Elba,
I just peeked on your blog--- what a lot of beautiful pictures! Thank you for doing this-- it is such a great way to stay in touch a bit. I also love Old San Juan-- your pictures are so creative and memorable-- please keep it up, ok?
I have not been to Mt Dora but it looks like such a lovely place to spend some time. What fun to take a day and browse around and have fun planning for your move back to PR. Really any of our favorite places are just a plane ride away, yah? : )
I just returned a few hours ago from up north at Big Star Lake. We spent a day there with Rosita who came for Saturday pm until Sunday PM, and also both Rosita and Kendall the previous weekend. Time flies far too quickly when we are only together for a couple days, but everyone was busy relaxing with their books and naps.
Stay in touch, ok?

Elba said...

Thank you for the kinds words, Lil!