Sunday, April 30, 2006

Wonderful weekend

Just a quiet weekend. Getting ready to go to Juan's graduation, of course, things come up. I was at home vacuuming and noticing how dirty my rug had gotten and my relatively new rug cleaner was broken and I was on my way out to get it repaired when I stopped and took it apart. I cleaned out the bottom container thoroughly and snapped the bottom part tightly shut and came back inside and tested it out again. To my utter delight I found that it was working like new again!! Hurray! What I had forgetton to mention was that I had done this same thing earlier, but I had not realized that the problem was that is had not snapped tightly shut. So it wasn't sealed properly so it could create a vacuum, and that is why is hadn't worked. I was fortunate that I did it over and did it right, and that saved me an unnecessary trip not to mention money!

While I was getting over my delight, my cell phone started ringing across the room and it was Mickey, my old neighbor. Now that doesn't sound right. She is my age, but we were very very young, almost children when we met around 30 years ago. She was my very first neighbor from FairView in Puerto Rico, when I first got married and Mickey and I developed a close friendship, talking across the fence for a few minutes to losing track of time every afternoon. She was a stay home mom like me who had two little boys, Humbertito and Hector, and by the time I moved to Valle Escondido, I had two little girls, Annie and Rosita, and she had her third son, Hernan. A couple of years later, she and Humberto decided to do what so many other Puerto Ricans have done and that is move to Florida. She and Humberto went to live in the Miami area. When she called yesterday, it was to say she was in town with her husband, and their grandson and they wanted to come visit. So I rushed around trying to organize my mess so it would be at least tolerable and about an hour later I met up with them in Waterford Lakes Town Center. They followed me home and we had coffee and sandwiches. Mickey is just as nice as always, and Humberto el mismo de siempre, with his great sense of humor. The loveliest thing was to see how they interacted. Their relationship is a love story. It was wonderful to see how attentive he is to her and and how she laughs at his jokes. Well so do I, but she smiles when he chides her, and pays him no mind. It's just beautiful. Their lives aren't perfect and they are not wealthy in material things, but they are not bad off either. And they have their share of health concerns, but because of that they cherish each other the more. It was such a blessing to have them, as we say in Spanish, "distinguirme," or honor me by coming to visit with me for a while. When they were leaving I led them out in my car to Curry Ford Road, and they went straight and I turned right to go to Lowe's and continue with my house beautification plan, and as I parked the car in Lowe's I was thinking I need to share this neat thing with somebody. But it just couldn't be anybody, I wanted to share this with someone that knew them and me, so I could share what a precious time I had had. Well, the few people that knew both of us, and I don't have to go into explanations, I have either lost contact with, died, or we are unfortunately estranged, so I was about to have a pity party, when my phone rang again, as I was about to get out of my car. It was Annie, who never calls me on a Saturday, but today she was packing for the SC trip, and wanted to talk to me as she packed. That was the icing on the cake, and that tangible hug from God, saying that he hears every little thought and he cares for me. I got to tell her about their visit and be genuine and sentimental about it as I went in circles around the Garden Center and picked out a flower here and there and put them all back, again. Yes, it was a quiet weekend, but the messages were loud and clear.

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