Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pillows and Orchids

Hola! It has been some time since I didn't write and it is because so many things have happened that have kept me very involved in life. Included in that was a trip to PR because of my mom's failing health. It was definitely worth every penny to spend some quality time with my mom after she had been ill with a stomach virus. These viruses can sometimes be a set back for a younger person, so imagine for a precious 85 year old.

Next I came home and I am taking courses at night, three times a week so I am extremely busy, not to mention the regular duties, of washing clothes, cooking, mowing the lawn which I always do in stages, and working. So, do I have time for anything else? Why, yes I do. I was so engrossed in sewing this weekend and look at some of the things I did: two pillow cases and a small accent pillow. I just loved how they came out. Then I replanted my orchids which after much neglect outside, burst with blooms. So this is my joy, in seeing God make beautiful things and letting me make some, too. The pictures don't do the orchids justice because they are ten times more beautiful in person, but I hope you get the idea.


Ana said...

Mami, those pillows are awesome. I am so happy I am learning to sew. Did you have a pattern for them or did you improvise it? Really really neat.

Elba said...

They were improvised. I felt a real desire to make something beautiful and I ran out and got a rotary cutter from Joanne fabrics and the cheapest yet most practical plastic fabric cutting board I could find. While making the pillows, I felt I was making an heirloom. They got me started and I want to sew some more.