Sunday, April 02, 2006

Luis Palau Festival

I spent the day yesterday, mostly guarding the fort. I was assigned to the Radio/Communications detail at the Festival, but nevertheless, the job was significant. In the Radio Room, we kept tabs of the equipment, listened to the security line, and communicated with the security leader as to where to send the security volunteers to be deployed as needed. Since there was a large area for children, the information dealing with lost children was of particular interest . I made it a point to keep tabs on the missing children's reports and descriptions, and pray for their location and their being found. It was very rewarding and gratifying for the whole security team whenever a child was reunited with their parents. I wouldn't mind doing that work again.

Unfortunately, my friend Maria, didn't have that great of an experience. She was selling tickets for the food sales and the lines were endless and it was hot outside (86-90 degrees), and she didn't get the break she needed on time. By the time she was released her back was killing her, and she almost had a meltdown, since she hadn't had anything to eat nor a bathroom break. She isn't planning to go back today. =( It's understandable.

On an other note, today is first day of Day Light Savings and it is going to be a great day! Just set those clocks ahead one hour. God bless you all.


Anonymous said...

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Ana said...

Ha! You got Spammed by a travel to the Island of Elba person. Too funny.

I am glad you had a good experience, I am sorry that Maria didn't.

How long where you going to be there yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Well I always wanted to know more about Elba and now I have a link. Sounds interesting.

Well, about the Festival, I wasn't sure how long I was going to stay and was playing it by ear since it was so hot and I had only paid for 2 hours on the meter maid. I actually stayed for three, but thank goodness, no ticket. How I got to work in the kids section was so curious, because when I left the radio/communication room I sort of got lost and when I found the bathroom I went in and used it of course, but who should be coming out of the bathroom stall in front of me was an old acquaintance, Rebecca Richey. I really don't know how I recognized her from the back of her head, but I did and she was working at the bookmarker booth and the rest is history. I had told the Lord when I was driving down from Sanford that I was tired and a bit sad from seeing Juan leave for S.C. and that I really didn't want to go and he said, this really isn't about you. Umm. That got me thinking that is was about Him and perhaps, someone needed me to be there, so I went and a little girl about Arwen's age received Christ and it was such a treat and a privilege to lead this precious little one to Jesus. I will never forget it. Afterwards, the Lord lavished me with love, which made me laugh like a little girl! Isn't God good?!

Elba said...

You might be a bit confused, but I worked at the Palau Festival two day. First at the Radio Communications place and the second day, I briefly stopped at the Radio/Communications place to give the man there a short break. Then I went out and met up with Rebecca... Just wanted to clarify.