Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tomorrow is the last day of School

It happens every year, I fall in love with a group of students and they turn around and leave you at the end of the year, only to grow older, wiser, and more sophisticated than when you first met them. This year I had the mix crew of ESOL students, beginners , intermediates, and advanced, as well as, two regular Language Arts classes, and one Advanced. All the Language Arts, read or heard me read the poem, The Highwayman to them. It should have the name, the Inn Keeper's Daughter as she was the hero, who sacrificed her life for his. What an eerie romantic tale. When I had them imagine a world without TV, computers, CDs or DVDs, not to mention, MP3 and cellphones, a universal gasp came into the room. They could scarcely phantom the idea. I was only trying to have them imagine a more intimate time when people really conversed (interfaced) and listened to one another's ideas and entertained each other with music, drama, skits, reading short stories, novels, and reciting poems. This poem in particular had many entertaining elements. The love triangle, the cadence which enhanced the suspense, and tragic ending which can not end their love, was the essence to how it has remained a classic. It is moving, thought provoking, and entertaining and was a good embodiment of what good literture should do. It was a good way to end the year, making them yearn for more. It has been a real struggle to teach this last week. Some of them, have already turned off their brains. They are already half out the door and in a mad rush for that Memorial Day Weekend. Though school ends tomorrow, many kids were already saying good bye today. I got hugs and even applause from my last period class when I closed the class with remarks saying how much I had enjoyed teaching each and everyone of them. I hate the end of year just as much as I love it. There is always an empty little hole where someone ran off with a little piece of my heart.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Well, I finally decided to make a post, because I realized there are somethings I would like to comment on, even if I might only have a few readers. It doesn't matter. I have always believed, putting things in writing really helps to organize ones mind. On occasion when writing about my daily events or just expressing what I was feeling helped me declutter my mind so to speak and come to a realization of what I was actually feeling. I guess I do get a little disconnected with my feelings since I live a life that is utterly and excessively busy. There often times seems to be little time for reflection. So there, I have given significance and meaning to my posts. They may be theraputic for me and and perhaps for others.

Why Mi Jardin? Mi Jardin means, my garden and I love flowers and all things that bloom. Right now I have yellow buds on my tomato plants. In fact I have 9 tomato plants that have survived the likes of little water, very hot sun, and a huge creature that roams my backyard called Pup. Pup is my Siberian husky German sheppherd mix, mutt, who also happens to be my guard dog and friendly companion, official bird frightener, and stranger alarm... all wrapped in one. Though he inhabits my backyard, Pup has not managed to destroy my tomato plants, halleluyah, but he has dug out some African Irises very close by. In addition to the Irises and tomatoes I have a whole slew of plants and flowers that I will soon be planting. In fact, I have the dirt and the little planters all filled I just need to add the seeds, so I just can't wait to do it. I went out side to the back yard and was watching the sprinkler system in action watering the lawn I had mowed two days earlier, and glanced at the tomato plant which now has two tomatoes. To my own surprise I felt a glee I had not felt in a long time upon seeing how my tomato had gotten so much larger in a week. Gardens, jardines, can give a person joy. They really can. It is a result of a little work, some tender care, and time. I see so many similarities, to what I do. Tomorrow, I'll share some of the letters my students wrote on a reflection about 7th grade. You will be so surprised. Got to run. Happy gardening....