Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Night at Capone's Dinner Theatre

Last weekend, Lydia came down with her momma, Mrs. Glover, and good friend Betty and we all went out on the town to a dinner theatre. Here we are with infamous Vinny, our waiter, who was a riot. He waited for Betty to go get seconds and then yelled in a gruff voice, "Hey, you, Betty, ya through with this chicken?, Huh?," like a true gangster. In this pose again true to his part, he was pointing the gun at me, but alas, I control the crop, and the gun is gone! The show was funny, full of dance and song reminisent of Chicago in the 40's. Posted by Picasa

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Ana Canino Fluit said...

Mrs. Glover always looks so good! I am glad you had some fun with them. Have fun at Roman's wedding.