Friday, June 10, 2005

A Traverse through the Carolinas

What a wonderful week! I went on my yearly adventure and I had an absolutely wonderful time! It started last Friday. I finally got the courage and stepped on the pedal and hit the road. It was everything I hoped for and more. Yes, there were somethings that I didn't get to do, but I did do the most important!

First, Juan and his girlfriend, Brandy, were gracious enough to invite me over for dinner the very first night, and she is a wonderful hostess. She made a gourmet meal of roast chicken with an Irish potato sauce and fried zucchini. The dinner was delicious and it was a treat to see them.

Next, I got to visit again with Juan one lazy afternoon and sat with him on the rental house's dock on John's Island which juts out about 200 feet over the marsh to the Steno river. There is nothing like watching a breeze sweep over the marshes. There is of course a musky smell that comes along with the view but it is short lived. First the tide was low, so we saw rich deep brown mud everywhere with hundreds of tiny holes where hermits crabs live. We went back to the house to say hello to Juan's roommates and while inside, the tide started to come in. When we came back the tide had risen at least three feet and we decided to sit down on the wooden dock and finish watching the tide come up. A short distance, say twenty feet away, on the other side of the river, a rush of maraca sounding crickets and perhaps birds and such began making a ruccous that made you feel you were miles away from the city. We never did see what caused the commotion but we knew something had frighten all the little creatures there. Could it have been a water moccassin? The tide kept coming in fast, and looking into the water we could see the current swirling into mini whirlpools in the dark brown water . An occasional crab floated temptingly by. Oh, but to have a long pole to catch it! As we talked a soft breeze cooled us off. It was a perfect moment but sadly, I left my camera in the hotel and have nothing to show of the experience. I am glad though that Juan Daniel has such a nice place to spend the summer while in school and maybe he will take some pictures.

Next I was able to visit with my friends Ruth Anne, Lydia, Lynda, and their precious mother, Mrs. Glover. It is always a treat to spend time with my South Carolinian family. A blog can not portray the significant conversations and activities, but I will tell you I attended church at James Island Christian Church and three wonderful Bible studies. Each one was a gift. Pastor Cook spoke on not complaining because when we do, we are actually complaining about God! Then in the evening Lydia and I went to a womans group which was very touching and Spirit led. Christina was a real blessing to me there. The next day we went to a life group and again I had a great time, especially meeting a very nice group of believers. Then on Wednesday, I attended a group studying a most relevant topic of Spiritual Warfare. And that was a big eyeopener!!! Interestingly enough as I was driving home tonight, I caught a church service on the radio from New Smyrna Beach and the speaker was preaching about how as Christians we need to be watching and praying, and that we also need to be aware of the enemy of our souls. What a confirmation!!

Not everything was Bible studies, I did get to go antique shopping a whole afternoon with Ruth-Anne and enjoyed some delicious seafood at Anchor Line, at Folly Beach and lunch with R-A's family at Jason's Deli on Savannah Highway and later at Bo Bo's on James Island. When we go for Juan's graduation, Lord willing, I can show you around town, too.

Anyway, back to my week. After spending several days in Charleston, I headed north to Camden, South Carolina, just outside of Columbia, the capital. I had two delightful fun filled days. I got to see my good friend Rosa Serralta, and her dear daughter, Lee Marie and her two boys, Joseph and Christopher. The boys have grown so , and can you believe Joseph is going to be entering ninth grade next year!

Yesterday we went on a road trip up to Kings Mountain National Military Park, a State and National park, on the border with North Carolina. It was the site of a bloody battle that turned the tide for the Colonial militia during the Revolutionary War. As we left the park, we drove right into North Carolina and Gastonia. Unfortunately, the bad weather didn't allow us to make it to the mountains and forced us to turn back south to Columbia. Later it proved to be a godsend because that allowed us to spend some quality time with Lee and her boys.

Not wanting to waste a moment, this morning Rosa and I went out to a small parish called Boykin where we got to explore a very old church. In fact, it had a slanted second story balcony where the slaves used to worship, but were not seen. Praise God things have changed. Later, we went to visit a Broom maker and got a beautiful multicolored handmade broom. It is a work of art, truly. Two years ago she would only take orders and I had originally planned to make an order but to my surprise she had several brooms in stock for sale. Then we went out to a farm, and got fresh produce such as fresh strawberries, yellow squash, cabbage, and onions. Finally at twelve I began my trip home. A trip that in any other century would have taken several days to travel and I did it in eight hours.

Well, it's been a dream and a twirl! How fortunate I am. After driving with so many variables including some drivers who actually want to be pilots, not to mention, ocassional rain showers which make you try to be as alert as humanly possible, it is good to be home. Thank God, really. I made it and definitely, I was incredibly blessed. To those who prayed for traveling mercies, thank you, thank you, thank you, and may all of you be blessed.


Rosangela Canino-Koning said...

Sounds like you had a nice time. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing a blog page. It is so good to hear about what you are doing. I was thinking of you, as I was painting with Ana last week and wondering how I could tell you that the more I hear about you, the more I like the you I hear about. You and I, I think, have a lot of similarities and I am going to enjoy reading your blogs when I remember. I think I might have to get Ana to help me set up a blog page. I have been thinking about it for awhile, maybe I should just do it and quit thinking so much. Oh, well, that's the way I do things, I guess.
Hope your trip to PR is fabulous. ROSE BORKENT, Brooks, AB

Elba said...

Rose, each time I see you helping my little family in Brooks, I send blessings your way. I know they are in Jesus' service and so are you. God bless you and thank you for your nice comments. I treasure them...