Thursday, January 15, 2015

Runway of Hope/ Pasarela de la Esperanza--- Oh dear, it has been postponed till next year!

The event has been postponed till next year! So save the date for March 2016!!!

I love the Salvation Army and the work they do in our community.  Having just moved to San Juan, I have had the wonderful opportunity to help them. It is an honor really when I think about all the good the Salvation Army does in our community by helping all sort of people who have no where else to go. They feed them, dress them, house them, and then help them break their addiction, reconnect with their family, and get them on their feet. Who wouldn't want to help people doing so much good in our community? Do you know you can help them, too?  First help me get the word out that the Salvation Army is going to host a terrific Fashion Show called Runway of Hope or Pasarela de la Esperanza on March 11th, 2015 at the Intercontinental Hotel here in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico. It is a great opportunity to help The Salvation Army locally in a very entertaining venue. In addition to the Fashion Show there will be a Retro Chic Boutique and a Silent Auction.  Fine donated clothing and accessories will be available for purchase.  How can you help?  Again, help us get the word out!  If you have a platform where you can place this poster feel free to post it.  Secondly, you can attend as well.  If you own a business you could sponsor a table.  Send your best people to attend.  There will be a silent auction as well.  If you have anything you would like to donate for the cause or need more information, you can also email me at  I would love to help you connect to this event.  They will be a booklet printed that would have the names of sponsors with your company's logo.  You know the importance of the "goodwill" factor when doing business. There is also a phone number that appears on the bottom which you can call.  Let me know if you would like tickets. Thank you!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Las Bendiciones de una Madre

En estos dias Mami ya casi no esta hablando.  Escasamente abre los ojos por unos segundos saliendo de un sueño profundo.  Un "I love you, Mom," se convierte en una sonrisa tierna que dura unos segundos.  Y un abrazo y un beso logra que saque un "Dios te bendiga" con un pesado suspiro.

Asi fue la visita hoy.  Mami durmió casi todo el tiempo que estuvimos allí.  Al final la desperté cojiendole la mano, dandole un abrazo, besandola y pasandole la mano por su pelo tal como ella me lo hacia cuando niña.  Pero yo estaba mas despierta entonces.

Pues asi fue.  Se esta despidiendo y gracias a Dios lo puede hacer poco a poco.  Me apena que una querida amiga mía perdiera a su mama tan repentinamente.  Para la mama fue una bendicion por que no tuvo una enfermedad larga de cama pero para su hija y la familia fue tan repentina que ellos no se pudieron despedirse poco a poco y acostumbrarse a la idea de que ese ser querido se estaba encaminando para el cielo.  Cuanto lo siento.

Lo cierto es que mami esta caminando ese camino en que solamente cabe un sola persona.  Dios te bendiga, Mami.  Te quiero mucho.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Rooster Parade Continues!

A scrawny gray rooster crossed in front of me today at Pueblo Shopping Center here in Isla Verde. I couldn't get my camera out fast enough. LoL!

I think God has a fun sense of humor and he is so creative.

In addition, how can there be so many roosters everywhere here in Puerto Rico?

Rainbow over Playa Punta Tuna

Maunabo rainbow.

El Carite Forest

Lush vegetation, Yagrumo trees, Sierra Palms, ferns of all sizes,  with mild temperatures of 68 degrees at noon, and pine trees with cones!!!! Can you believe this and much less in the tropics?  Well, yes, that is what awaits you in El Carite Rain Forest! The roads are excellent and there are hiking trails and it is not deserted.  Though we did not get off there were plenty of people parked near the trails and picnic area.  So if you like hiking or having a place to come and relax, this beautiful oasis might be for you.