Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Scott's Zellwood: Triple-Sweet Gourmet Corn

 On my way to Mt. Dora I saw it on the side of the road.  It was a sign that said Scott's corn.  I immediately knew I had to turn around.  I know two things well enough by now.  First if it's on the way there you might as well stop because you do not know if you will have another chance later. In other words don't take anything for granted.  The second is that Scott's Farms is a recognized name at least when it comes to its corn.  I can't speak for its other produce but they have been around for a long time.  Just ask my friend Ellen and she will tell you.

Though I had never tasted it, I turned around on busy route 441, just past Apopka and just before the big green sign with yellow letters that announces Zellwood as the home of the famous Zellwood Corn Festival.  So I made my two lefts and eased my car into a turn around with the fruitstand on my left.  There were a couple of other items for sale including watermelons but for me the corn was the hook.  Being a savvy supermarket shopper I was well aware that I can get three to four ears of sweet white corn for a dollar to a dollar fifty.  Seeing he was selling half a dozen ears of corn for three fifty seemed steep to me.

As tactfully as possible and trying not to offend, I said I found the price a little high for me but that I didn't want to go away empty handed and would buy two ears for a dollar twenty.  That is when  he convinced me.  The older gentleman went and selected an ear of corn from a stack and pulled the husk back half way.  I thought he was going to chuck it himself but instead he had me hold on to one end and then he finished pulling out the rest.  Then he said the funniest thing.  He pointed to my end of the ear and said, "Now you take a bite here." Inside I was teetering between laughing and feeling like a fool as I looked at him and looked at the corn and looked at him again and took a bite.  That was when it hit me.  It was as sweet as sugar and I felt like a kid again. I laughed! He smiled.

Of course, I did not buy two.  I bought a half dozen and I also got the other one that he gave me which I carefully wrapped in an extra plastic bag I had in the back seat.  I came home several hours later and cooked that triple-sweet gourmet corn cob, boiled for only eight minutes.  As I did, I remembered how sweet it was to be innocent and trusting again.  And I smiled.
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Garden Gate Tea Room in Mt. Dora

The Garden Gate Tea Room is one of the loveliest corners in Mt. Dora.  If you are just strolling along its gardens, pots, and wagons are a sight to behold.  Though I did not go in I was fully convinced by three ladies that the next time I go to Mt. Dora I must go in .  I think I will if I find a cooperative friend who will not shy away from all the lace and fru fru.  I would love to go, too!