Saturday, May 28, 2011

Recent paintings

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School Sunflower

A solitary sunflower basking in the sun at school, having a bad hair day. I always thought Van Gogh's sunflowers were unusual, but this one proved me wrong!
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Cluster of Small Earthquakes off of Puerto Rico

Seismic activity in Puerto Rico is something for which I am always watchful, and this week there has been a cluster of quakes just north east of Puerto Rico. Today alone there have been five quakes. Two of these recent quakes have been right on the fault line. I'm hoping that these small quakes will be enough to release the excess energy in that area.

See the cluster here

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Beach in Puerto Rico

Just your ordinary Puerto Rico beach...amazing!
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Obama's Israeli-American Relations

I join the ranks of many Jewish and Christian Americans, appalled with President Obama's suggestion that Israel give up the land that it gained during the Six Day War, in 1967. His comments came a day ahead the Israeli visit to the White House and seemed a comment meant to coddle the opposition than to receive the Israeli Prime Minister with dignity and respect. The mask is off. No amount of words can cover the President's agenda.

See the comments in the following linked article, where Jewish American leaders are withdrawing their support for Obama.