Saturday, December 04, 2010

Finally Christmas


Stepping forward in faith and healing. Finally being able to put up some Christmas decorations which I so love. I don't know where I put my artificial pine wreath. It's probably underneath my bed in a plastic bag in a place difficult to reach. So I had to make do with what I had available. I had made some wreaths recently out of Jasmine vines and put them to dry in my back porch, so I attached a gold color ornament and a big outrageous bow, and this was the result. =)
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Friday, December 03, 2010

Want to learn more about Hanukkah?

Well, I have always wanted to travel to Israel and I am going to start saving. Just yesterday, I went to the official Israel Tourism website and started exploring the possibilities. They are endless and wonderful and awe-inspiring, but along the way I discovered something for this holiday season.

They have a link for a Hanukkah or Chanukah page where they let you learn more about the history of Hanukkah and at the same time enter you to win a trip to Israel. Now wouldn't that be wonderful! Oooooohhhhh, I could just imagine my self walking down the cobbled stoned streets so filled with history, then visiting the empty tomb, walking through and meditating in the Mount of Olives, sketching the walls, praying at the Kotel, touching the Sea of Galilee or the Jordan River, visiting a kibbutz or dancing to Hava Nagila. Dreams.

Well, it doesn't hurt to dream and perhaps win, too!

Call me old fashioned

This might come as a shock seeing how "youthful and outgoing" I am, but I am old fashioned. Recently, I had a ex-student, one of my best, who is now in college address me by my first name. He had always called me Ms. Vazquez and that seemed fine but seeing I don't teach him any more, he called me by my first name. It bothered me.

Bueno, so what should he call me? Soy Latina and by the way, so is he, from Colombia. I know people are very respectful there, so I have to find something that will work for both us. He could call me Señora Vazquez. In Puerto Rico where I am from, they address an older person with don or doña before their name. For example, don Manuel, doña Gisela, or don Miguel de Cervantes. Here in the United States, older ladies are addressed as Miss ____ or by their title and last name, as in Miss Fair. I don't want the Miss ____ but I would appreciate the Doña before my name if used with genuine respect or consideration.

Don't mistake the plain doña or doña pela, (saying doña alone), with respect. That is not respectful. You just don't say hey, doña. That is a slur; it's like saying hey old lady. Even in The Waltons, reruns that are being aired on Inspiration Network, when Grandpa calls Grandma, old lady, it sounds at the minimum rude not to say demeaning and jarring. An example of familiarity breeding contempt.

You put yourself at risk, I guess by just mentioning it. It's such a fine line. But it is a fine line which I am drawing in the sand. We are losing so much consideration and respect by the minute because of our society's worship of youth, that they forget there is value in reaching our older years. I always emphasized the need to address older folks with respect and always learned so much from them.

So okay, if you are a teenager or young person, and not one of sisters or cousins (¡valga la aclaracion!) it is proper for you to still call me Ms. Vazquez, doña Elba, Titi ---- or Miss Elba. Remember when you show respect it only brings respect towards you in return.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lumber Truck vs Greyhound Bus Accident

Just today I read about a horrible accident on I 95 near Charleston South Carolina. The bus had left Orlando for New York. The bus driver unfortunately lost an arm in the incident I hate to report. Poor man. Twenty-three bus riders were also injured and taken to area hospitals.

That logging truck reminded me of the many logging trucks that I saw drive past me on Route 84 in Georgia and never considered that a log might come loose until I took this picture. For some reason it was then I realized that it wasn't such a good idea to drive so close. Frankly, I think these logs should be encased in a netting or with something that would keep them in place.

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